A good movie, like a good person, is a simple and rich existence

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The simple story The
story is very simple: a 6-year-old girl who has not spoken since she was born, was taken by her mother to their temple to seek blessings from God; With help, she returned to her mother; finally, she did speak. It seems that this is a story of God's blessing; or, it is a story of helping others; or, it can be a story of how a little girl who can't speak gets lost and finds a home. It's such a simple story. There are too many stories with

rich backgrounds . If a movie is made, regardless of its reputation, the box office is not guaranteed anyway.
But simple stories are different if they have rich connotations. For example, this little girl was born in Pakistan, the temple where she prayed for blessing happened to be in India, and she was still in India when she got lost accidentally. A 6-year-old girl was lost in a foreign country, and she couldn't speak.
As a Pakistani, why do you ask God to go to a temple in India to ask for blessings? This probably starts with the partition of India and Pakistan. In August 1947, British India under the rule of the British Empire disintegrated, giving birth to two new countries, the Indian Federation and Pakistan, whose populations are dominated by Hindu and Islamic beliefs respectively. But they had been together after all, so some Islamic temples are still in Indian territory; I guess (not confirmed), there should also be some Hindu temples in Pakistani territory. Therefore, if a little girl is on her way home, the three barriers of language, country and religion are placed first. How did she do it? If it were you, when you were 6 years old, you got lost in another province, did you return home?

Of course, it is difficult to estimate by herself, the key is to have someone willing to help. In India, only Indians can help. If you happen to meet a bad person, it is estimated that everything is over. After all, there are good people and bad people in India. At this time, some special factors in the dark have played their role. God blesses her, and God blesses her, so that she can see the "Monkey God", a devout Hindu. They should be a branch of Hinduism, with monkeys as their gods. He was nicknamed "Monkey God" because of his devotion to religion. This is the same as Nietzsche's devotion to Christianity when he was a child and obtained the title of "little monk". Religion, what does it mean? It means absolute belief in what you believe in, and it also means that your personality is guaranteed by "God". It is a person with guaranteed personality, who helped this little girl.

Why did this little girl get help? If someone asks me for 8 yuan for a taxi home, or 20 yuan for a taxi back to school, Emma, ​​my first impression is that I have met a liar. Even if you really want to help her, you can't help but ask a few more questions, where is your home, and I'll buy you a ticket directly. However, the little heroine here can't speak! She just looked, just looked. Just like when she looked at the little sheep trapped in the pit on the train, she looked at the "monkey god"; for the former, she got off the train to help and even got lost; for the latter, she stayed with her and even returned to beside mother. Sometimes, I will think, what kind of people, what kind of people I will find; just because they are similar in the deepest emotions, even if they have never met, they can recognize at a glance that they are the same.

emotional narrative
When the little girl saw "Monkey God", she probably recognized him. At first I told him with my eyes that I wanted something to eat. Then follow him and tell him with his eyes, "Don't abandon me". "Monkey God" really didn't know what to do, so he took her away. It's an emotion that only works for a certain type of person, and the little girl found such an uncle with her own eyes. Including the girlfriend of the "God Monkey" in the back, telling him that she loves him not because of his caste, his religion and country, but his piety and simplicity (I can't remember the original lines, probably meaning). Even the "Monkey God" himself was in a predicament at the time. In order to be able to marry his own bride, the future father-in-law had already given a death order and must use his hard-earned money to buy a house within six months. (By the way, how is the Indian real estate doing, is it possible to follow the power of my father-in-law?) Ordinarily, buying a house should not be a problem for the "Monkey God", after all, he has an incredible father. However, my father-in-law said, it takes hard-earned money. "Monkey God" is an incredible father, capable of both literature and martial arts, but "Monkey God" is a dou who can't help, and has not graduated from high school at the age of 20. Where to raise money, but another little girl was picked up. According to our country's routine, should we arrange some plug-ins for the male protagonist, so that he can get a promotion and a salary increase, become a general manager, become a CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the pinnacle of life. However, he was the one who failed the graduation exam ten times, and finally passed the exam on the eleventh time. This "good news" was too exciting for the "Monkey God" father. He was mentally prepared for his son to pass the test twenty times, but it was too sudden, so he passed it. Black humor that makes people laugh to tears.

The "Monkey God" of love, country and religion
originally planned to send the little girl away, but the political situation, the conflict between India and Pakistan, led to a different path, and the people in the embassy did not help. Take out the money to buy a house, and send the little girl over by smuggling through a black intermediary. Fortunately, it was discovered in time that this black intermediary was really too dark, and took the money from the "Monkey God" to send the little girl to a brothel. To defeat the underworld, "Monkey God" has decided to send the little girl to Pakistan in person. All normal channels are blocked, and under the barriers of religion, country, and space, how did the "Monkey God" accomplish such a arduous task? Why, in the midst of so many estrangements, have love and communication survived tenaciously? It is recommended to watch the movie, the two and a half hour movie is worth watching. Not only is the screenwriter great, but the pictures and singing and dancing are still so beautiful and warm.

Indian movies have been eye-catching recently, from the three idiots making troubles in Bollywood, to the millionaires in the slums, to the stars on the earth, and then to this little loli's uncle of the monkey god, not only the consistent singing and dancing are impressive. The level of screenwriting has already thrown off several streets, rivers and mountains in domestic movies.

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