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Keenan 2022-04-19 09:02:10

A very simple story.
---------------Spoiler spoiler -------
Six-year-old Pakistani girl with aphasia lost in India with her mother, By accident, he encounters a devout Hindu "Monkey God" uncle.
After trying everything to get the girl back to his hometown, the monkey god decided to send her back in person without a visa or passport.

There is no point here to say that it is out of touch with reality.
After all, this film is not a realist documentary, but also discusses with us about love.

What exactly is love?
What's so good about this selfless giving?

Nowadays, refined egoism is prevalent, and the elites pursue self-isolation, that is, "I work hard to realize my self-worth is to contribute to the society, and I am a standard human being", like the behavior of the monkey god in the film: taking out the money to buy a house The little girl returned to China (I don't know if the hotel staff whose arm was interrupted still paid the monkey god money), because of her beliefs, she did not lie, and she did not leave the country without permission, but had to wait for the permission of the border guards...

You are not.
Just like many people in the film commented on the monkey god: you are not crazy, you are a fool.

Now even the article "Why can't I help others" can easily get 10W+ readings, which shows how light and powerless love is in people's hearts.

I don't pretend either, I love myself, I love my partner and family, and I love the big bills with Grandpa Mao's portrait on them. As for other people, I'm sorry I don't give you that much love.
If I encounter a loli who is lost with my parents, I will call the police and do my duty as a citizen. That's all.
I believe many people will be like this.

That's why this simple love story that transcends borders, religions, races and languages ​​has received such high marks.

People know that this is good and this is right.
We all know that love is a precious thing, the light of human civilization, the truth of the universe, the spell that can make Harry Potter survive the disaster, and the source of infinite power that can make Sakuragi Flower Road explode.
But people dare not.
Even in this warm and actually somewhat fantasy film, there are villains.
Not everyone can be moved by the great selfless behavior of the monkey god, but some people are so ruthless and ruthless.

As long as you give, it is love, but in addition to love, people are also selfish and timid, so love is so precious.
Telling the story of love is so touching.

I think the reporter is more selfless than the monkey god. The monkey god at least swore an oath to the gods. Loli is in charge.
Are the reporters who appeared halfway along the way and followed to the end for the sake of horses?
for news?
Not so utilitarian.
I would like to believe that he was moved by the monkey god and joined him.
The simplicity of trusting others easily and willing to help him with all his might is really rare.

When the monkey god went back, he got the support of his father-in-law, and the reporter would also be successful in the news.
At the end, Little Loli called her uncle, and everyone was really happy.
But what about the policeman who let go of the monkey god?
Will those border soldiers who were breached be punished?
Hey, I still can't get rid of this utilitarian heart.

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    Indian movies export great values. If movies are really a tool for ideological propaganda, most Indian movies, Japanese movies, European movies, and some American movies, they truly believe in their hearts and beliefs, and are truly output. We don’t believe in our values ​​and still want to... …Not to mention it. May Vijay, born in 1986, is really a professional mother. With the addition of "Mystery Superstar", it can be called "Silly Mother Snooze Left Me" and "Silly Mother Helped Me Become an Internet Celebrity"!

  • Kayla 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    The director's overly greedy gesture-Loli and the uncle, political correctness on racial issues, true love forever and good rewards-is really nauseating.