The thorns that cross the border are only for the flowers on the other side

Landen 2022-04-19 09:02:10

Little Loli's Uncle Monkey God, with the label of comedy and the joy of farce, downloaded it and planned to pass the boring journey on the train, but it really made me love two distant countries, Muslims and Hinduism, and the country. The political struggle between the country and the human relationship between people under the struggle has a new and shocking feeling.

Shahida, beautiful, lovely, innocent, with a face with baby fat and eyes as bright as the stars in the middle of the night, when you see her, you can feel the beauty of this world. But at the age of six, she was still unable to speak. The distraught mother took her to leave Pakistan to pray at a Muslim church in Delhi, India. On the way back, Shahida was lost at the India-Pakistan border. She saw her mother's train and walked away. Shahida waved, ran, and cried, and the wind blew her away. Covering the headscarf of the Muslim girl, but can't shout or stop the train from moving on. The ignorant Shahida stepped on another train in the opposite direction and drifted away from her mother.

She met Pawan, who believed in the god Hanuman, and Pawan sang and danced in the streets, praising the god he believed in. Perhaps that's what attracted the frustrated, hungry, lost loved one Shahida. Pawan, pure, simple, kind, he believed in Hanuman and swore never to lie. After many twists and turns and struggles, Pawan decided to send her home in person. But without a passport, Pawan doesn't even know Shaheira's real name, and the six-year-old girl who can't speak can't give Pawan any clues except nodding and shaking her head.

As soon as Pawan and Shahida arrived in Pakistan, they were identified as Indian spies by the Pakistani police and came to Pakistan to carry out secret missions. Pawan, who believes in the god Hanuman and is determined not to lie, drags out everything and his identity. Coupled with the distrust caused by the fight between countries, the whole country of Pakistan has launched a hunt for Pawan and Shahida.

Nawazuddin, an unnamed reporter, saw the stunt of an Indian spy taking a little girl to Pakistan to carry out a secret mission, and contacted the TV station to report it. In the process of tracking and filming, I found that this is a simple but full of love story. An uncle crossed the nationality, crossed the border, surpassed the faith and helped the lost mute girl come home. He was moved by Pawan's sincerity and simplicity, and by the cute and innocent Shahida, determined to help the little girl come home. He contacted the TV station again to explain the situation, but was told that the clarified story lacked interesting points and was uninteresting. "People prefer to read hate stories rather than love," Nawazuddin said at the time.

On the long way home, Pawan, Shahida, and Nawazuddin met many ordinary people in Basil. They were moved by the deeds of the uncle and the little loli and helped the little girl go home. While escaping the pursuit of the police, the three of them had to hide in the mosque to rest. They believed in Pawan, the god Hanuman, and stopped in front of the door. He said that I was a believer of the god Hanuman, but the boss said to him: "The door of our mosque is always open, because we welcome everyone." Yes, faith is to make us more pious, kind, and worry-free, not to increase the grievance and estrangement between people; For living, not living for faith. When saying goodbye, the main thing is to use Hindu etiquette, and Pawan folds his hands together, which is the respect of this belief and that belief, this country and that country, me and you.

After all the hardships, the little girl finally found her mother, but Pawan was arrested by the police. Nawazuddin, made a video of the story of Little Loli and Uncle Monkey God and published it online, which attracted the attention of the people of India and Pakistan. People were moved by Pawan's story, and the story was clarified. Everyone believed Pawan identity of. However, due to the political dignity of the police station, the top police station in Pakistan forced the police interrogating Pawan to do everything possible to force Pawan to surrender. The policeman said to the camera that my life's career is to protect the safety of the motherland and the people, and convicting Pawan of the crime, I think it is an insult to this country, and we have to send Pawan home.

On the India-Pakistan border, tens of millions of people from both sides broke through the border gate and sent Pawan home. That picture is worth remembering. The snow-capped mountains on both sides are towering, the snow lines on the mountains are clear, and the border river below the mountain is gurgling. Pawan is wounded, leaning on a wooden stick, walking towards his country and his fiancée, and the people next to him shout. The god Hanuman worshipped by Pawan. At this time, the little girl Shahida was running in the hustle and bustle, anxious, excited, and reluctant to give up, holding the fence on the border, and seeing the back of Pawan leaving, she finally called out "Uncle", one after another, When the people in the two countries were silent, when Pawan stopped, he ran to lift Shahida high.

Shahida's mother's wish came true, and the mosque in Delhi, India, really worked. Despite all the twists and turns, Shahida had a voice, and Pawan also won the appreciation of his girlfriend's family. The rest of the story is all good.

The two-hour film takes people to two other countries, two cultures, and two beliefs. The state has borders, but people have feelings. My journey through mountains and rivers, thorns and bumps, for you the flowers on the other side are more dense.

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Extended Reading
  • Kayla 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    The director's overly greedy gesture-Loli and the uncle, political correctness on racial issues, true love forever and good rewards-is really nauseating.

  • Theresa 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    The little girl is too cute, and the self-examination and ridicule of religious contradictions are easy to achieve. In the end, the heroic scenes are sent home with blood in the snow. To be able to make such a true love movie that advocates the harmony of the world, neighboring countries are so stupid that people are envious.