Another Bollywood classic

Pearlie 2022-04-20 09:01:47

First of all, be a nympho! Uncle, uncle, so handsome and handsome~~ masculine and masculine, more than any small fresh meat, not even a piece of abdominal muscle is much stronger** Lolita, Lolita, cute! !
Well, normal.
When Loli was left behind in India for various reasons, as a senior movie watcher, she already knew the direction and specific details of the plot... Although the film industry seems to be exhausted for the plot, it is not the plot. Reasoning film, after all, the main theme of others is peace and love, so I will not complain about the plot.
On the whole, a typical Bollywood film, singing and dancing are indispensable, sensationalism is indispensable, the heroine is the embodiment of love, and the male protagonist is a grass-roots diaosi who is willing to challenge the world's views. The place is that the whole story seems to be flowing slowly, but there will always be some climaxes and songs and dances to add to the atmosphere, like a more rhythmic ballad, there are also touches that touch the bottom of my heart, and there are inexplicable little excitement, I think, maybe This is also one of the reasons why Bollywood will never abandon singing and dancing. After all, people's materials are all ordinary life. By the way, most of the famous Bollywood films are at least high-grossing films, Mission Impossible, The Hunger Games, The Fast and the Furious...Compared with Bollywood films, I personally like the latter a lot...more...
Finally, I want to talk about the religious issues in India, which are definitely involved in every Indian blockbuster, and the blockbuster will tell India People, don't be too blind, and look at Hinduism with rational thinking. For details, please see the film "My God", but about the conflict between Hinduism and Islam, because I have limited viewing of the film, this is the first film, and there is no such thing as The question is to advocate that everyone, for the sake of future generations and their own country, please let go of the past hatred. Although the grievances between India and Pakistan still remain, the Hindus and Muslims who can see the changes in this film are precious and even great.
Long-winded details, the first film has foreshadowed, and it is seamlessly connected to the back. Loli and mother are also very similar. Although the director is obviously Hindu, he has been emphasizing what your god is from the beginning. The tail is holding an attitude of respecting every religion, and at least India has the Pakistani embassy, ​​so the relationship can be saved~~ I ca
n't help but complain, can't the ending be a good ending, what is hanging in the air? ghost ghost +++
I haven't watched the movie again, and my vitality is greatly damaged. Two films a month~~
Good night, grinding~

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Extended Reading
  • Rozella 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Very stupid, embarrassing, contrived.

  • Albert 2022-03-20 09:01:55

    The reason why people are people is that apart from the country, religion, and hatred, what else is there? This movie gives us the answer very well