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Jaida 2022-04-20 09:01:47

I watched it once before revisiting "Little Lolita's Uncle Monkey God" , and I was very moved. At that time, I was shocked by the devout belief of the monkey god. I always wanted to write something, but I didn't know how to write it, so I delayed it this time.
Let me tell you a few things about this movie that touched me.

1. This movie is very warm, and there are many lovely people in it.
The first is the simple people, whether it is the people of India or the people of Pakistan. When the little girl disappeared, everyone was anxious to help find it. On the bus, people help the monkey god to help the little girl find a home. Although the people around us are also more enthusiastic in most cases, there are many moral hazards now, and if this situation cannot be improved, it will be terrible in the future.

The second is a small but impressive little character with a small role. The little policeman who maintained law and order at the border when his mother took the little girl to India, he did not show a cold face, but smiled at the little girl; the kind and kind old lady on the train comforted the little girl's mother, heart Kindness is beautiful, sincerity is spirit; Abu Ali, an enthusiastic border broker, helped the monkey god to cross the border; the border guard was moved by his persistent belief in the monkey god and let him go; the bus conductor, after hearing about the monkey god After the story, he said that he hoped to meet more enthusiastic people, and then mobilized passengers to help the little girl find a home and help the monkey god escape the pursuit of the police...

The four people I admire most are the monkey god's lover, Lasika, and the mosque's lover. Chad Nawab, the cleric, journalist, and Officer Hamid, who later wore a gray coat with slightly longer hair.
Both Lasika and the priest are wise men of great love.

The monkey god panicked when he found out that the little girl was Muslim, or even Pakistani. And Lasika told him that different castes and races didn't matter, what she saw was a pure heart. She cares and loves the little girl very much from beginning to end, buying her clothes, taking her to eat chicken (even though she is a vegetarian), making her happy... She always supports the monkey god to send the little girl home.

The priest has a tolerant heart. When the Monkey God stayed in a mosque for one night because he was not a Muslim, he fidgeted and accepted the pagan Monkey God and told him that everyone was welcome here. Later, he said that there are no strangers under the roof of Allah, and his belief is so tolerant and does not bring into the narrowness of religion. How precious is this!

The reporter started out to report the story of "Indian spy". During the tracking process, he was moved by the story of the monkey god and began to help the monkey god find a home for the little girl. He helped a lot on the way, and also photographed the whole process of the monkey god helping the little girl find a home. He has a lot of credit for the little girl's smooth return home and the smooth return of the monkey god. He appealed to the public to end the hatred between the two countries and let children grow up with love.

Finally, let's talk about the police officer with slightly long hair in the gray clothes. When he thought that the monkey god was a spy, he had been dedicated to hunting down the monkey god. His responsibility was not to threaten the country. He had to admit that he was very dedicated. After he determined that the monkey god was not a spy and was really helping the little girl find a home, he proposed to the superior to release the monkey god, but the superior asked him to extract a confession, and even threatened him with resignation. National security and glory, do my best. But if this person...if this person is allowed to spend the rest of his life in a Pakistani will be a disgrace to our country and I will not let this happen." He finally contacted reporters , using the pressure of public opinion to get the monkey god out of prison.

2. Some of the plots in this movie moved me. The
first scene was when Lashikara held the hand of the monkey god to fight for a free marriage with her father. She said, "Dad, you said that every girl should look for her father's shadow in her future husband. I only found your shadow in Pawan." At that time, the family arranged a blind date for her, and the other party had already Got home and watched this happen. Dad is very open-minded, he didn't hesitate too much, and immediately apologized to the other party. Even if he was scolded by the other party, he had to fulfill his daughter. At the same time, he was unwilling to hand over his daughter casually. He asked the monkey god to buy a house with his hard-earned money so that he could give his daughter a home. How great is the love of a father. As for his subsequent dislikes for the little girl, let's not talk about it for the time being.

The second act is when the monkey god finds out that the little girl was not sent home but was sent to the land of fireworks. He was very angry. He was always friendly and itchy when he was wrestling. He singled out the thugs in the brothel, and beat the liar, the intermediary and some related people to nothing. When he walked out of that place with the little girl on his back, I was really impressed by his handsomeness, not handsome in appearance, but handsome in personality. He gave people a deep sense of security and made people feel at ease.
Coincidentally, in a police station in Pakistan, when the police officer behaved rudely to the little girl, he broke out again, beat the police officer severely, and took the little girl to flee the dangerous place.

In the end, when the people of the two countries shouted the monkey gods on both sides of the border, the scene was grand, the desire was strong, and the voice was loud... How ridiculous the conflicts and differences are, how dispensable hatred is, and only love is the right way.

Finally, let’s talk about the Monkey God. In fact, he was relatively narrow-minded at the beginning. He is bound by caste and national prejudice, but what is precious is that he has a kind and pure heart. Under the influence of the little girl, he approached non-vegetarian restaurants (which contradicted his religious beliefs), walked into mosques... In the end he insisted on his beliefs, but learned to show respect for each other with other religious etiquette. It's a journey of putting aside prejudice and narrowness, and moving towards tolerance and purity. But in some places, he still firmly maintains his beliefs. For example, he took the graduation exam ten times. Even if he failed the exam, he would not cheat; he would not sneak into Pakistan without a passport, and insisted on obtaining a permit at the India-Pakistan border. , even if he was beaten repeatedly and bruised all over; in Pakistan he insisted on telling the truth, even if it might bring trouble... Sometimes I feel that he is really too roundabout, but it is his roundness that is really touching. Everyone, finally succeeded.

Finally, let's end with a sentence from someone else's film review:
"The instinctive goodwill in human nature finally overcomes the narrowness and malice in the mind. This is the root of this movie so moving."

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    Bollywood is awesome

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    It's a very touching movie. Selfless love can accommodate everything. Religion and country are actually very small in front of true love. In addition, the little loli and the uncle are very cute.