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Eli 2022-04-20 09:01:47

The perception of Indian movies is getting better and better. The more well-known ones are very exciting. Although this one is small in theme, it is about sending a lost little girl home, but the pattern is very large, involving Pakistan and the United States. The entanglement between the two countries in India, due to historical conflicts and religious conflicts, makes the people of the two countries hate each other, highlighting the difficulty of the protagonist.
One thing that strikes me is quite strange. Countries with developed economies can make excellent movies. Let alone Western countries, South Korea and Japan have a lot of excellent movies, and economically backward countries such as India can also make very good movies. . Only in China, the special effects are not comparable to Hollywood, and the stories are generally very boring. A group of star actors have no acting skills at all, which is simply indisputable. In such a situation, it cannot be entirely blamed on the system.
Indian movies are generally enthusiastic and unrestrained, and the style is refreshing. Originally, I could not accept the setting of songs and dances in the movie. I felt that the whole story would be divided. It can be found that these songs and dances have been carefully conceived, and even if they are viewed independently, they are very enjoyable, not to mention the warm charm of the protagonist.

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