Where is the road for domestic films?

Jordy 2022-04-20 09:01:47

"Slumdog Millionaire"/"Three Silly Troubles in Bollywood"/"My God"/"My God"/"Little Lolita's Uncle Monkey God"

Indian films are very active in thought It exposed the lives of the poor people in the country, satirized the Indian education system, bombarded the religious system and caste system, until this passage spanned countries, ethnic groups, religions, and clans, leaving only the most simple and touching stories between people. I think Indian movies are like the hero Bajrangi in the play, from a simple believer of the Brahmin caste, over countless obstacles, and eventually grow into a real man...

We can't help but ask, what's wrong with Indian movies Dare to shoot? In the summer protection season for domestic films, look at the list of films released in cinemas and about to be released, but also ask, in the case of domestic films becoming increasingly commercialized, in order to deceive the audience into the cinema, our variety shows are replaced by big movies . In an era when commercial films are prevalent, films that are both applauded and called sit have simply become strange. On the other hand, in India, in recent years, various types of works have emerged in an endless stream, including blockbusters, commercial films, and of course bad films, showing a trend of blooming flowers. It is not

unreasonable for them to call themselves a democratic country.

Are you making movies for the sake of making movies? Just like the "Little Times" series, making movies is just a means of making money. Today, in the money-worshiping world, we produce milk powder, not for children to drink, food, not for people to eat, and schools, not for children to obtain. Knowledge, and making movies, don't seem to be for the audience...

The fastest thing a country can be recognized by others is its culture. But now look at our China, all the previous cultures have become high in modern times. Even things like giving up a seat on a bus need public service advertisements, and they need to be reminded everywhere. How can you still point to how good the culture of this country is? When other people's works are reflecting on how to break through the boundaries of hostility with neighboring countries, we are still mass-producing anti-Japanese dramas, and our culture is also deserting and smog?

If this goes on for a long time, our traditions may really become the possession of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and even Hong Kong who cherish them.

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  • Landen 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    Full of positive energy + super cute loli = low tears + heart melted

  • Carleton 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    1. It made me embarrassed and controlled the lacrimal glands in one slow motion after another. This is really the magic of Indian films; 2. Religious beliefs and national hatred are combined in a very clever way and promote the development of the plot, not boring, very Thoughtful; 3. The film is also telling us that good-looking people are lucky since childhood. If you look a little sorry, hehe, you can only end up on the streets.