Unexpectedly moving: the flash of humanity

Flavio 2022-04-21 09:02:26

I heard a friend talk about this movie a month ago, but I misunderstood the name, so I didn't finish watching it until today. After watching it, I was filled with emotion and regretted how I saw it. It was also the first time I had the urge to write a movie review. This film touched me deeply, not only the pure feelings between Pawan and Muni, the journey across national borders, but also the understanding and respect between people, and the brilliance of humanity beyond religion and nation. ; More touching is from the touching of the movie itself: the relationship between people can be so pure and beautiful, and it is not disturbed by the outside world, stick to the belief in my heart, this kind of persistence can infect the people around me and make beautiful pass on.
Pawan and Mooney

Both Pawan and Mooni are endearing in their character building: Pawan is superficially stupid and not good at anything. But his heart is pure and strong: he doesn't seem to be capable of boxing at all, but once Mouni gets hurt, his desire to protect makes him extremely strong and can beat anyone; stupid can't lie, causing a lot of inconvenience. The necessary trouble, but this stupidity made him accomplish the impossible task; he is Pawan, a simple, honest, pure, sincere, compassionate, and persistent Pawan. It is precisely this kind of Pawan who will help a little girl who can't speak to find her family. The little girl, although she can't speak, is a cute little clever: looking at you with concentrated eyes will make people feel pity, and every time she stretches her fingers, she can't help laughing. This cute one is also a little naughty: Ai easily carries something (inexplicably loves handcuffs ==) and it is the small flaws in appearance that make Mooney so real.

Not only the characters of the two protagonists are very distinct, but the images of the supporting actors are also impressive: the brave, decisive and kind-hearted girlfriend of Pawan; the girlfriend's father who seems to scold Pawan but loves him; The photographer, the priest and the frontier officer (truly answered a sentence: when you do one thing with all your heart, the whole world will help you) they are all vivid and cute~

The 159-minute movie has no urine in the whole process. The joys and sorrows, and interesting things; there are typical song and dance performances of Indian movies (the song and dance of the monkey gods are really attractive); and the scenery behind is very beautiful~ The prairie and snow-capped mountains alternate, green and white collide; full of Buses and shrines overflowing with Indian style are very similar to the Himalayas. The feelings of depicting small people in this big background make people enjoy both the visual impact and the brilliance of human nature at the same time.

fairy tale bus

Threesome on the road~

Speaking of the brilliance of human nature, this is exactly what made me want to write this review. The brilliance of humanity shines everywhere in this film: the brilliance can be big or small, so big that it transcends nationality and religion, and it is only a little bit: it is reflected in when Pawan's girlfriend holds Pawan's hand, when she When Dad said that I wanted to be with him, Dad just said that you have to work hard to make money to be worthy of my daughter, not to obstruct everything; when Pawan found out that Moonie was a meat-eating child, he did not force her to follow him The religious custom is vegetarian, but she took her to the restaurant and ordered all kinds of delicious chicken, and also made her happy in a different way; it showed small warmth and understanding and respect between people. It is so big that it transcends the barriers and ties of language, religion, history, nation, and country. The sincerity and kindness of human nature can make people forget everything and return to the most essential person. It was only because of being moved by the feelings between "people" and "people" that Mooney's way back home, which was impossible to achieve, came true. This is the road to return home, but also the road to return to humanity, the road of boundless love.

An uncle made me cry~

love without border

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