What details in "Little Lolita's Uncle Monkey God" touched you?

Gregorio 2022-04-21 09:02:26

Indian movies are really easy to impress me. Whether it is "Little Lolita's Monkey God Uncle" or "Mysterious Superstar", or "I'm a God" or "Three Silly Bollywood", I like the kindness and simplicity in it that are not bound by the rules of this world protagonist. I like the natural singing and dancing inside. I like the calm and unpretentious emotional expression in the movie.

In this movie, the cuteness of the little girl immediately brought me into it. The girl played a dumb voice throughout the whole process (except at the end) without any lines, but her grinning, sincere and unconcerned eyes moved me. This time the leading role is not Aamir Khan, but the role of this simple, stupid, kind, loving and responsible man created by the male protagonist is very successful. At the end of the scene where Pawan was beaten, I feel very distressed and regret that kindness was blinded by darkness. But fortunately justice will not be wiped out. The five scenes in the film that moved me the most:

① In order to "smuggle" the girl back to Pakistan, the male protagonist ruthlessly freed up the money that he and his beloved were going to buy a house for as a gift to the girl.

②The male protagonist bravely taught the bad guy when he found out that the bad guy bought Mooney (Shahida) into a brothel

③The male protagonist leads the searchers away to reunite Shahida with his family

④The people of India and Kazakhstan welcome his release from prison

⑤ The little girl finally said "Uncle" for the first time

I was also shocked by the male protagonist Pawan, whose love that transcends national borders and transcends religion can make a devout Hindu step into a mosque and put on a Muslim burqa just to find a little girl from a foreign country who has nothing to do with him. It's not little love anymore, it's big love.

It's great to see such a heartwarming film in this realistic and grim world.

Hmm very impressed.

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  • Alisha 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    The world is wonderful because of theism. Just like the Indians invented the number 0. Use it to push some boundaries. Arrive at some infinity.

  • Leonel 2022-03-20 09:01:55

    A Muslim girl from Pakistan and a Hindu uncle from India, a transnational "Central Station", interspersed with countries, religions, castes, and ethnic groups. In the end, the uncle gave Muslim salutes, and the girls gave Hindu salutes, marking a line on the India-Pakistan border. period.