The ideal country of love without borders

Merle 2022-04-22 07:01:32

The thought-provoking themes and unique stories have built a country of religious nationality and great love; the film centers on the boundaries of religion, with Uncle Monkey God rescuing little loli as the starting point, and the spirit of great love is called the passport of national borders; and At the same time, the film's performance of singing and dancing pushes the story to a climax. When the god of gods finally converges into the true meaning of love, it seems that everyone lives in the world they desire. Both Little Loli and Uncle Monkey God are kind and pure people. Although Little Loli can't speak, she is very understanding, smart and flexible, and full of curiosity about the world around her; Uncle Monkey God is a devout believer. He never tells lies, he is kind and upright, and because of this, he has encountered many unexpected troubles. He knew that sending Little Loli home would have to go through many difficulties and obstacles, but he still bravely moved forward without fear of danger, because he always believed that the beautiful world in his heart always existed. Religious belief can not only give people spiritual strength, but also infuse people with sacred goals and strive for goals; therefore, when people bravely reflect and shape themselves, it is the beginning of bravery to surpass themselves. In the mosque, the old wise man welcomes people of all sects, because in his heart it is a spirit that is not bound by the world, and it is not bound by rules and regulations. Perhaps this is the highest state of faith. Uncle Monkey God and Little Loli come from two different countries, and they also belong to two different religions. Although he hesitated before, and even doubted whether his approach was correct, he finally let it go under the persuasion of his girlfriend. The so-called religious view, wholeheartedly send the little loli home. This is the most valuable part of human nature, because in his heart, his belief is just a good religion, and he is also a faithful believer, firmly guarding his beliefs; perhaps it is because of this firm belief that he is moved He helped the soldiers guarding the border and entered Pakistan smoothly. Although many people did not think that his behavior was correct, this was what he believed in in his heart, as influenced by the Christians he met on the way, Therefore, Pawan has always believed that love can influence everything, so as to understand the true meaning of religion. In the last scene of the film, the long-closed door between the people of Pakistan and India is finally broken, so when Pawan crossed the border, he made a gesture of "God bless" to all the people of Pakistan, and the small Loli also called out the name of Uncle Monkey God; perhaps in this ideal country where love has no boundaries, kindness is a necessary choice to break the gap between people. Personal Rating: 10

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  • Timothy 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    I would say that the last few Indian movies are really good, about justice, about love, very meaningful, very deep. Love is power. nice.

  • Rozella 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Very stupid, embarrassing, contrived.