Although the stomach is not good, this bowl of cold rice is too cold.

Alvina 2022-04-19 09:02:11

Adhering to the love for this series, I still choose to watch this one. After reading it, I really can't give a high score.

I know that watching a movie is a picture of music, and it can’t be too true about science, but the 9th generation is indeed a bit outrageous. In fact, I personally think that what really makes this series go to science fiction or even magic can be said to be from 6 The generation's boss Tang deliberately drove into the railing and flew to save Letty, who was also hit by inertia. After that, each generation has more or less high-energy scenes.

I think the new work of "Fast and the Furious" has gradually been criticized, mostly because of the setting. It was a movie that focused on racing cars and cops and gangsters at the beginning, but it gradually changed its flavor and began to go to pure popcorn Hollywood. The direction of the blockbuster is crazy, for the sake of high energy and high energy, the plot is getting more and more crotch, the villain will always be an infinite nest of dolls, the villain of this work is the superior of the previous villain; Yes, and the story line at that time has not been extended, so it is not concealed. But this time to bring Han back to life, in addition to the commendable photography at the moment of his appearance, and Han's eyes moistened when he returned to the team, the follow-up scenes actually don't need this role at all, and it will only make the audience feel redundant. I can absolutely say that this is purely a consumer design.

In terms of high-energy scenes, I don't even think that the 8th generation is as good as it is. I have completely forgotten the plot of the 8th generation, but I can still remember several high-energy scenes of the 8th generation. In addition to the flexibility of the magnet In terms of use, the most expensive thing should be the outer space, but the outer space is to force a wave of blood through the dialogue between two funny black people. The blood is over before the blood heats up.

To tell the truth, this series should indeed end in the 7th generation, which is the most correct choice.

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  • Gregorio 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    Han can be resurrected, but Mia can never. If Mia does not appear, fans can accept the setting that a family of three will retire, but Mia appears, but once again cruelly reminds fans to accept the reality - Brian - one of the veterans who created the fast classic - is Really never come back. Although Brian's classic blue supercar appeared at the end of the film, such a big event, Brian did not appear in the team, is seriously inconsistent with all the series' settings on the theme of "family". The bald head said that Fast and Furious will end with the tenth part, and maybe at the end, Brian will appear in another form for the final reunion - either Walker's brother will join the tenth story after the filming process, or only There are several or even a shot at the end that signifies a big reunion. The phenomenon of the bald alliance has become more and more serious in recent years. Jushi has withdrawn, Guo Da has retired, and only Diesel has continued to use Suji to show his hegemony and absolute control. Now it seems that Brian's words "the car can't fly" when Azerbaijan crossed the building is more like a warning.

  • Winifred 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    The latter parts of the "Fast and Furious" series, like the latter parts of the "Transformers" series, are all about making money. The difference is that it's rotten and longer than Transformers...

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  • Otto: Okay, listen up! I want 50 of the best men! I want guns! I want wheels, freaking X-wing fighters-- I don't care! The Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca if you can get ahold of him. Money's no object. Go.

    [snaps fingers]

  • Otto: Spoiled rich pricks run the world.