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Cortez 2022-04-19 09:02:11

I used to scold the "Fast and the Furious" series, and immediately someone scolds me. Now scolding belongs to join in the fun. The previous plots were rubbish, and they were relatively bad in commercial films. In addition, Boss Fan was jealous, and when he looked at Johnson and Guo Da, he got angry and drove them all away. So what's left. To this day, it really dares to do anything. The Fast and Furious series no longer need such a thing as a writer. It's really saving money. Boss Fan and his sister are producers. Whoever wants to die wants to live. The dead can become alive, and the living can be made to die. Zhao Xina, who is a bad guy in a movie, can also be washed in vain. The most deadly, can go to the sky. What about the next one? "Star Wars"?

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  • Cade 2021-12-21 08:01:06

    Although I was still poked by leaving Paul a seat in the end, I felt that this thing could not be eaten for a lifetime.

  • Nora 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Such an old IP has been filmed for 20 years, why don't you go to heaven? (Director: OK)

F9: The Fast Saga quotes

  • Dominic Toretto: Be precise in life. It makes all the difference.

  • Tej: Feels like we looking for Where's Waldo in Harry Potter world.