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Linnie 2022-04-22 07:01:32

I just returned from a trip to India in early May, and I went straight to the intense work. I took the Beijing-Shanghai route with a cold, and the cabin pressure change made me unable to sleep. I stumbled across this movie in the in-flight entertainment system. I watched half of it on the way out and half of it on the way back.
Population, economy, infrastructure, finance, social efficiency, the Internet, and per capita income, India is no match for China now, but Bollywood’s output and quality of boutiques beat domestic films. Domestic filmmakers are now telling stories with the capital market, and have not produced in-depth works for many years. If people in the cultural industry do not have positive energy or conscience, in my opinion, they are no different from liars. Are domestic audiences and investors really fools?
I have never watched an Indian movie in its entirety before. I have no culture and can't understand the songs and dances interspersed in the movie, but this work made me realize that Bollywood is connecting with the world very quickly.
I can't tell whether the little girl's hometown was filmed in Kashmir or Darjeeling, but one thing is certain, the director of this film has expressed a very good political appeal through this film, maybe this is a democratic country in film and television culture A little relative advantage in publishing. In fact, the Taiwan issue and the India-Pakistan issue originated at almost the same point in time, but India has surpassed China in terms of media propaganda and people's ideology. For a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, it is far more difficult to resolve similar disputes than China.
I believe that the budget of this work is extremely low compared to countless domestic bad films, but capital has never been an obstacle to producing good films. Even Delhi and Mumbai still have a large number of slums today. No matter how excellent the Indian military exercises are, they cannot Stop a society from having the right foundational values: creative freedom and respect for humanity.
Recalling other Bollywood movies, few directors hope to show India's backwardness and filth through their works, while a large part of today's domestic movies are to please the audience by showing the ugliness of human nature, regional discrimination, and social discrimination. Isn't it just that the mentality of both supply and demand sides is distorted? Then think of the placement of advertisements contained in a large number of movies and TV, it is really very low-level.

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Extended Reading
  • Eddie 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    1. The setting of the opening of the story is still biased towards tragedy. It wasn't until Little Lori met Uncle Monkey God that the comedy mode was turned on,... I saw my "tragedy and joy"; 2. Goodbye to Pia of "Three Stupid", just now Rasika has become more "fuller"; 3. The landscape photography is too beautiful, and the picture of Shahida running on the hillside instantly thinks of "Girls in the Alps"; 4. The final part of the narrative praise (plus ★), directly related to the theme of seeking relatives Sublimated to ethnic contradictions!

  • Edmond 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    Jingmei Lori is also beautiful, crying in the last twenty minutes TAT