Is love and faith beyond religion only found in movies?

Stella 2022-04-23 07:02:29

Aamir Khan's Indian movie "Wrestle, Dad! " and "Mysterious Superstar" have achieved great success in China, which has also allowed domestic investors to see business opportunities, accelerated the introduction of Indian films, and gave our domestic fans more choices.

This time, it is Samir Khan, who is as famous as Aamir Khan in India. The movie "Little Lolita's Monkey God Uncle", which he invested in, was released in India in 2015. But if I knew it was going to be released in China, I couldn't help but go to Baidu Cloud Disk to watch it, I just wanted to make a pilgrimage to the big screen.

Watching "Mystery Superstar" and "Wrestle, Dad" gave us a good Indian movie experience, and you won't find it unbearable for the same two and a half hours of movie time. Quietly, to the magical Indian music, travel around this neighboring country and experience the customs of South Asia.

I knew the plot in advance, a story of "searching for relatives in a thousand miles". My idea should be a road movie, but the movie doesn't have a routine and focuses on depicting love under the conflict of religion and culture.

Uncle Monkey God is a devout Hindu. He had bad grades since he was a child, he was honest and honest, and he couldn't learn anything. I passed the exam eleven times, scaring my father to death. But he is pure in nature, peaceful and friendly, and he also has a beloved girl and his own love.

Just like the routine of all romance films, the prospective father-in-law gave the prospective son-in-law a problem. He had to earn enough for a house within half a year before marrying his daughter.

At this difficult time, he met a little Pakistani loli who was separated from his mother. The little loli was separated from her mother during the pilgrimage. She couldn't speak and was pitiful.

While the monkey god takes care of Loli, he has to find a way to send her home. From the initial failure to do anything to the embassy and then to smuggling to send each other in person, I went through hardships and was almost convicted of espionage and spent half my life in a Pakistani prison. But after all this, he never wavered, and he only wanted to send Loli home.

As we all know, India and Pakistan are incompatible. In fact, one of the important reasons is religious conflict. There are mostly Hindus in India and most Muslims in Pakistan. The two religions have been hostile to each other for many years. Coupled with the inextricable links in history, the current Kashmir territorial conflict has deepened the conflict and is almost on the verge of breaking out.

Against the backdrop of such intense religious conflict, how much resistance does a Hindu have to send a little Muslim girl back to Pakistan? The rude and rude prospective father-in-law told you by driving out of the house, the Pakistani embassy told you by violent conflict, and the Pakistani police told you by torture.

But the greater the resistance, the more precious the love expressed by Qian Li Xun. This kind of love also comes from religious belief. The religious Buddha statues, religious dances, and religious ceremonies that can be seen everywhere tell you that this is a country where religion plays an important role in life. Monkey God is also a devout Hindu, he has his own religious code, honesty does not lie, firm and does not escape.

The Islamic mosque Ala we met on the road also made our eyes shine. We have heard about the terrorist incidents created by various Islamic extremist groups, which once made us misunderstand Islam, and the mystery of the mosque is also a bit scary. The tolerance of the old man relieved us and allowed us to be close to those cheerful Muslim children, instead of only human bombs in our heads.

The film faces up to the religious issues in India, and uses the story of love to hope that people of different religions can put down their hatred and live in harmony. It takes courage to make this kind of film. It must face up to the "evil" of human nature and the badness of this country. Of course, it must pass the censorship and bravely show the "badness" of this country to the world.

Our official likes "Amazing, My Country", a documentary film that shows the dream of a great country, and sent a film like "Wolf Warrior" to the Oscars to participate in the Best Foreign Language Film selection, but the Oscar judges chose it. "Ordinary Woman".

Our official censorship agency has interfered a lot with those films of realism. In the early days, it was believed that this man exposed the shortcomings of our country and was even distorted and magnified by the country's hostile forces, affecting China's international image and China's investment management. Especially those films that go to foreign film festivals are strictly censored, and the censorship progress is extremely slow. After the review and revision, the film festival will be over long ago, and the day lily will be cold. Some directors who were unwilling to bury their own works participated in the exhibition without submitting them for review, and as a result, they were banned from filming for five years.

Some directors chose to submit and be recruited, some directors chose to make low-cost entertainment commercial films, and some directors chose to strengthen their film beliefs, such as Jia Zhangke and Lou Ye. In a non-religious country, how precious it is to maintain religious support for one's cause.

We need to believe in what we like and listen to our hearts to gain inner peace. The monkey god is like this, I hope you can also try to get close.

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