Seeing such a rating, you know that you can't do without the bad ending

Madalyn 2022-04-19 09:02:11

I checked the past "Fast and Furious" series and found that almost all of them were directed by different directors. It is no wonder that although the formula of each film is similar, it gives people the feeling of different praise and criticism.

This time I came to the ninth part, directed by Justin Lin, who has also directed before, so the routine is very familiar.

The plot continues without elaboration.

Scrap the car as always, as always. This one takes the car into the air, and even into space. For movie fans, they are used to it. Although it is a classic, it is still inseparable from the attributes of popcorn movies.

The movie has not yet explained Brian's death. The blue sports car Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T reunited at the end of the movie is Brian's classic car. Does the director use this to commemorate Paul or to pave the way for the next one?

This biggest surprise is undoubtedly the return of Han, and it also brings the hero Sean in "Tokyo Drift" into the movie, which undoubtedly evokes the memories of fans.

Razim's last afro is a tribute to Missandei in Game of Thrones? !

After all, it's a classic, and it's worth watching~~

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