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Jazmin 2022-04-20 09:01:47

2.5 We are not invulnerable, we are just lucky. Even if we have to die, we must die at the top of the world.

A failing action movie, a successful comedy. The plot... Forget it, does this series really mean to care about the plot? But seriously, the drag racing of the two flashbacks in this episode does have the feeling of getting back to the first episode. It's funny to laugh at yourself as a superhero. They really understand that the positioning of their series is already unlimited superheroes. The movie is over, but some of the turning points are still for the sake of turning around. For example, when Brother Han’s resurrection is told to Mr. Little People, it will be successful, and if he can’t solve the satellite, he will explode directly. It’s a bit lazy and rude.

Then a monster-level siege car can't match the "brothers block the car + invincible electromagnet", I really don't know what to do (I want an electromagnet more than a ball that can control the world's digital devices) And what do you want to do with a bunch of ridiculous Star Wars jokes (Yoda fans will be on fire after reading it)

Tell me about your thoughts on 4DX. 4D is the most suitable for watching anime theatrical versions and action movies with cars as the main body. Using an electromagnet to throw the car around is enough to make you dizzy. Flying into space and driving a super-powerful fan is almost impossible. Cold dead

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