"We are family", home is the eternal inheritance of spirit

Liliane 2022-04-20 09:01:47

Finally, I looked forward to Wednesday, and watched "The Fast and the Furious" 9. I started watching it from Furious 7 before, but I almost forgot the content of the first two parts. The reviews on the internet are not very good. But staying at home every day is boring, and it is not bad to have a few hours to go out and feel the speed and passion under the all-round sound and light stimulation.

Since the death of Paul Walker, it seems that the story line is a little thin for the protagonist Dominic alone to prop up a movie. An important new character appears in this film - his younger brother, whom he has been misunderstood and killed his father. Dominique, who has always attached great importance to family, exiled his younger brother. The two have not seen each other for 20 years. Goodbye is already an enemy.

The film finally resolved the misunderstanding, and the younger brother returned to the big family. Perhaps since Brian left, this is also the greatest comfort in Dominic's heart.

When I watched Fast and Furious for the first time, I was impressed by one of Dominic's lines "I never have friends, I got family."

Family is Dominica's greatest armor and weakness. This muscular bald tough guy is not afraid of any danger, but he always has the softest heart for his relatives, friends and lovers. It can be described as the best interpretation of "Tie Han Tenderness".

With the deepening of my faith and life, I can see more and more small details that I never paid attention to before. It turns out that the mark of God is everywhere, it just depends on whether you have the heart to discover it.

Dominic should be a devout Catholic, the cross on his chest and every prayer of thanks are the proof of his faith. It also explains why he values ​​family so much.

"It's not good for that person to live alone." Marriage and family were created by God. The family is the cornerstone of society, and marriage is the covenant of a lifetime. A man leaves his parents and becomes one body with his wife. In today's chaotic and depraved generation, ego and selfish desires are causing family relationships to falter, and family members betray and hurt each other even more than strangers. Many people are the same face on the outside, and the same face when they come home, and give their anger and all the negative emotions to their closest family members, which is actually the most stupid.

"Love your neighbor as yourself". This is true for outsiders, not to mention your own family? A family would not exist without love for each other.

In the ordinary and trivial family life, how to construct, express and repair love is a proposition that everyone has to think about.

Home is the container of our life. A person is not just himself, but more important is to make an effort to accept, include and support each individual in his family, heal each other, and regain love and courage.

Home is the eternal inheritance of the spirit. No family is perfect, but our love and hard work can break the limits and carry the spirit on.

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