"Fate of the Dead 9" short review: a commercial blockbuster example of shooting and ignoring, a grand epic drama of the speeding family

Buddy 2022-04-20 09:01:47

3.5 What is Ignore After Shooting? What do you mean when you're done with it? "Fate of the Dead 9" is such a top-level car-smashing visual feast. Wherever this group of FAMILYs go, the streets are completely destroyed, the cars are destroyed, and people are fine. It's more bullshit than bells, and it's more bloody than dog blood. All of the above are me The sincere appreciation of Justin Lin's return to directing is really the hometown flavor of FAMILY that I am familiar with.

I have never liked Gary Gray's Play 8 very much. I always felt that Family was weird. Justin Lin took the helm of Play 9 again. In addition to the re-start of the series, he also created a small character through Play 7. Brother Han's return (although still a little less convincing). Justin Lin is still an expert in playing cars. This time, the speeding scene is still full of the imagination of Lin-style speeding aesthetics. After playing 5's dragging the vault, playing 9 with a big magnet to play the speeding car, with the ridiculous family of FAMILY saving the world, One FAMILY this time we rush into space, and another FAMILY next time we rush through the Milky Way.

It's true that I enjoyed watching Play 9. Although the plot has already 0 IQ, and the characters' turning face is like flipping a book, Justin Lin has reorganized FAMILY's magnificent family poems from scratch this time, and the film irritability of young Tang and Jacob. The sense of the times reflected by the Tang family has become the godfather of the speeding version. As long as there is FAMILY, they will go to the mountains and seas for you, and they will cut swords for you. BECAUSE YOU ARE PART OF THE FAMILY, looking forward to Sta. For Mori's future return, he also expects that FAMILY will meet the Interstellar Attack Team when it rushes to the Milky Way.

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  • Adrien 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    6.3/10 Thanks to the rocket 666 of the old iron brush of Fan Guangtou. To be honest, I really admire that this series can break through the bottom line of logic to exchange for the most absurd scenes again and again, and cultivate the audience's tolerance by destroying the moral bottom line of the characters again and again. There is certainly nothing to admire about the Fast and Furious series in this mentality. Maybe this one will continue to be a success at the box office, but what else can you do next?

  • Alyce 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Two questions throughout the whole process: is this not dead? Is this also possible? ?

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  • Dominic Toretto: Be precise in life. It makes all the difference.

  • Tej: Feels like we looking for Where's Waldo in Harry Potter world.