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Alexys 2022-04-21 09:02:27

The former speed car family has gradually turned into a hero who saves the world

As if nothing has changed and as if nothing has changed

When it comes to my favorite movies, I always think of the "Fast and the Furious" series Adrenaline and popcorn Eternal home and love It's like a symbol, it's feelings and beliefs

Twenty years ago, Mr. Tang had no fine lines in the corners of his eyes. Undercover Paul was very childish. Letty was a jealous girl. When his family was small, he was still very young. The street racing gangs scuffled. Simple racing action B-level movies.

From 6's transport plane to 7's car flying to the building, 8's nuclear submarine exploded to 9's rushing out of the earth, it seems to be more and more outrageous and exaggerated, more and more like a superhero movie

But no matter how old-fashioned and exaggerated the plot of "Fast and Furious 9" is, this series has a key word called feelings

Cars are still those cars. The dodge challenger that is on the top of the ground has never been absent. Han's Toyota Supra is the most classic Mazda RX7 of the year in black and yellow colors. Even Brian's blue GTR is a glimpse at the end.

The team members are still the same as the original Han. The dead Han is resurrected. Gal Gadot recreates the prayer before dinner in flashbacks. Leaves a space for Paul Walker. The protagonist of the protagonist is constantly shining. His charisma is the most fascinating part of the film. His life motto is the core theme of the entire series. We are family. We are a team, a family

These are the only fans of "Fast and the Furious" who have the most real and intimate emotions for this series. When the mission is over and the rest of the life is over, we still see a touch of sadness in the heart of the empty seat left for Paul at the dining table. It's not cooking cold rice. It is a natural memory of old friends. This series has created too many irreplaceable feelings and memories.

There are several blockbuster series that can be made until the 20th year. I can't help but look at this series with a more gentle and tolerant attitude. We are not attracted by the similar plots of the previous ones. Do whatever you want, I'm still looking forward to the next one

"Everything can be different as long as it is meticulous"

"things change times change"

"Reminisce about the old days" "Think about it every day"

"No one can escape the past and your retribution has only just come"

"Yongsheng is well managed and cared for like a family"

"Go with a little faith" "Faith is not a number"

"If we're going to take our lives, have a good time on top of the world"

"Everything will be fine because we are family"

"Wait a minute there's a seat available and he'll be there right away"

This one is more about splitting the team into pairs or prefer collective action and natural expression, but the concept of family and friendship never change

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    Who will win the battle between the Dominica family and the Avengers? I'm a little unsure

  • Arnold 2021-12-21 08:01:06

    Pinch mom, the next one is directly Fast and Furious 10: Star Wars.

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