Pretend to be a sci-fi movie to relax

Laurence 2022-04-23 07:02:30

Welcome to Beyond Reality, where you can not only enjoy the cool car skills, but also see the military fighting, rolling mines, picking up people from the hood, flying over wooden bridges, throwing chains to the sky... In short, Lao Tzu is immortal, angry People don't haha. "Art is an explosion", maybe it's not true, but the advanced technology and thrilling operation are the most attractive points, giving life to speed and enjoying the moment of passion. In order to please the fans, the spots are all over the place, but it is recommended not to give close-ups to the pictures of eating ramen in Tokyo, because it can be seen that women can’t use chopsticks, so pick them hard haha. Don and his older brother Jacob bear different pains, one is going to justice in misunderstanding, the other is falling into the abyss after lying. But the most surprising thing was the resurrection of Han, and I was so excited that I burst into tears. The final chase is the climax of the plot, but it looks more like a magnet battle, turning it over and sucking it in, it's pretty exciting. The other two guys who took the vehicle to space to destroy the satellite are indeed sci-fi enough, and they also contracted all the jokes, which is very interesting. In short, the visual presentation is still good, including some creative ideas, which can really relieve stress and make people happy.

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  • Violet 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    Best cool movie of the year! ! ! ! Every second is a super choreography that can ignite adrenaline. It is really worthy of the investment of 200 million US dollars. Director Lin really played this series thoroughly. Although the bullshit is really bullshit, and in the end, the younger brother ran away, it was really a problem, but really, it was so cool! ! !

  • Emory 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    Fake and rotten commercial film, there is no bottom line for making money, the plot is basically messy, the racing car is fake and vulgar, the scene of the two girls eating ramen almost made me mad, I kept stirring it, but I didn't take a bite, so unreal and unreal Dedicated shoddy! Hope these foreign garbage get out of China!

F9: The Fast Saga quotes

  • Dominic Toretto: Be precise in life. It makes all the difference.

  • Tej: Feels like we looking for Where's Waldo in Harry Potter world.