The Mechanic 2 movie review: It's so real, it's a blockbuster, it really doesn't have a little plot, but it can still be watched

Arden 2022-04-20 09:01:47

"The Mechanic 2: Resurrection", which is directed at the blockbuster genre, is a real movie, a Hollywood-style blockbuster. The rhythm is tense and exciting, and the fighting is hearty, which is more straightforward than the first one. 6 fights, starting with parachuting on the Peak Tram, it was thrilling. The second one was in a prison at sea, with hand-to-hand combat; the third one was an urban aerial swimming pool; the fourth one was on a yacht; the fifth one was at an underground submarine base, and the sixth one was back on the yacht again. Places can also form a travel itinerary. After dazzling the mechanic's all-round abilities, KO for a place, KO for a place, KO for a place, no ink marks at all, happy!

Jason Statham, coming back, his muscles are still strong, computers, fake certificates, diving, flying, etc. are still all-round, and the fights are also neat. Gina, the heroine, has a proper vase. There are not many opportunities to appear on the camera. You can't see the acting skills, but you can see the beauty. The heroine of Hollywood blockbusters is standard. By the way, there is also the martial arts sister Michelle Yeoh. Unfortunately, she didn't fight a single action. She was purely on vacation, and by the way, she wanted to promote Chinese medicine. The most amazing is the old actor, Tommy Lee Jones played the deceitful hero, the only laughing point in the whole film is also on him, and finally he looked at the male protagonist with deep suspense.

In fact, if a movie is a blockbuster, it is purely a blockbuster, and the plot does not take away the heart at all. You are also a screenwriter. It's still music, or a familiar actor, but the familiar taste, the plot and the coolness of thinking are gone, just like a delicious dish that forgot to add salt. Don't hit me, it's going to be a spoiler, in fact, if you don't spoil it, you can guess the ending by watching a little bit of the beginning. Yes, don't doubt it's the plot you thought of, no surprises, no suspense, no routines. A typical generation of martial arts masters washed their hands in gold basins, retired from the rivers and lakes and returned to ordinary, but the villain chose not to obey, set up a beauty plan, and sure enough, the male protagonist and the beauty were faked, and the villain captured the silly white sweet heroine. Let the male protagonist kill three awesome opponents for him. The male protagonist killed the first two and cooperated with the last assassination target (the funny one) to completely solve the trouble and kill the villain. The heroine, the heroine and the heroine meet, smile at each other, and end.

Oh no, no, one more point. The last assassination target, the hilarious and deceitful hero, watched the video of the male protagonist leaving with affection, showing a fascinated smile, suspense, suspense, suspense, Hollywood-style suspense that likes to make sequels. If you pretend not to know, you can think that the heroic life is too lonely, he is going to fight the heroine with the heroine, hahahahaha...

If you miss Mechanic 1, if you like to watch cool blockbusters, please come in. The male protagonist's muscles, the female protagonist's face, and the fighting scenes are all special effects, or hang up a number of movies of the same period, and the mechanics' various skills are also online.

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  • Allen 2021-12-20 08:01:07

    When the hero and heroine were in the same frame, it was really embarrassing. It is too rare to have no call. The three assassination routines including the final action scenes are very handsome, but unfortunately the villain still has a lower limit of IQ.

  • Nakia 2021-12-20 08:01:07

    Start with a little plot, and then hit the beat, the teacher Guo Da is bursting! The play is good! At the end, let’s do some tricks, it’s ok.

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.