The Mechanic 2: Born to stimulate the senses

Garnet 2022-04-20 09:01:47

I don't think anyone who has seen this movie will have too many comments on him, because there is nothing worth discussing at all. It is a purely commercial behavior, and there is not even a little twist and turn. Since it is a The plot of a movie that uses murder as a method, at least make it difficult for the plot. Since it has been shown that he is the most difficult person to kill in the world, he was completely eliminated by the protagonist in just a few minutes. I don’t know that the movie is to highlight the protagonist. Niubi is still a fool to set off the audience. When I think of this, I feel that I have been laughed at by the movie for my IQ, and I want to cry without tears. However, this type of film simply shows what we want to see, with sharp techniques, quick actions, heroic and beautiful plots, mixed with all kinds of cliché plots, and nakedly expressing simple and rude happiness. It is this kind of simplicity and rudeness that greatly stimulates our senses, enjoying the pleasure brought by Jason Statham's actions, as well as the beauty of Jessica Alba. It's a pity that the two people are not in love scenes. Deng is right, the love scenes in the movie always look awkward, maybe because Alba plays too many femme fatales, it always makes people feel like she is a villain, it is because of the characters in the movie. She was too kind and always wondered if the director did it on purpose. Then at the end of the movie, there was a reversal, and the younger sister became too younger. Unfortunately, the movie didn't do that. I thought too much, the director didn't. It brings a little unexpected plot, and continues the most simple and rude commercial film mode. It does not let the audience spend a little bit of IQ, and enjoys simple happiness.

In the movie, Jason Statham was hooked by a seductive method. It was simple and direct, without hesitation at all. He was so sophisticated that he could obediently obey. Let us scoff at this heroic plot. Be careful, let alone the ruthless mentality of the first film, maybe it's this kind of hero saving the beauty that makes the movie look vulgar. In particular, Jessica Alba is very calm and steady, not like a victim at all, she threw herself on Jason Statham, and is very sure of the promotion of this relationship. I have to say that such a woman with scheming If she has to act innocent in the movie, it cannot be ruled out that she has the ambition to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. Unfortunately, the movie did not make her a careerist, but continued to let her play the role of a vase, but there are signs that she was not pure and kind. Good or bad, I know the heart of playing with men, and every time I appear on the stage, I deliberately show my pure ignorance and kindness. It is obvious that there is no silver here, and there is no spark of love between the two. The love relationship is solid, and the exhausted blood is poured out. He is obviously playing a lone killer, okay, and a dewy love can threaten him. Then Michelle Yeoh is really blind, she and Jason It is the relationship of good friends. It is not better to use her as a threat. It is so sure to use a strange woman as a condition to lure and threaten. Is this risk too great? What if it fails? There are so many logical criticisms in the movie that make people feel very uncomfortable, and the director seems to have no real intentions on the plot.

The most exciting part of the movie is the three murder scenes, but unfortunately they are all designed to be relatively simple, especially the first two scenes, there is no difficulty at all for the whole storyline, the task is temporarily assigned, and it is completed in an instant. There was no difficulty, and the green light went smoothly all the way. What does this show us? See how awesome the main character is, since the first two missions can be cleared, at least make the third mission more difficult. Unfortunately, the seemingly fortress was broken in minutes, which can only prove the villain. Their security level is so poor that even individuals can't stop them. With such a strong agility and such a powerful IQ, he can't deal with the villain in the movie. He also needs to unite with others to plan together. Obviously, it does not fit well with his image of a lone killer. Even if they are united, the climax of the movie is It should also be built to an unprecedented level, right? It’s a pity that the movie is still going its own way, ignoring the gradualness of the plot arrangement, maintaining a uniform level, and will not give different deviations due to the love of any bridge, the result can be imagined, the task is completed quickly and smoothly , There is no setback at all, and at the same time as the beauty returns, he has become a winner in life. Isn't this just kidding us? The long-awaited climax is over, and I haven't felt good yet. How can this be? I deeply condemn the director's unserious, irresponsible, and irregular behavior. Originally a movie whose main task is to satisfy the audience's taste, it doesn't even consider the audience's feelings at all. What's the use of such a director? What's the use of such a commercial film?

The time of the movie is very short, but there are many plot stories inserted, and while showing off love in the movie, he did not forget to send us dog food, because there are too many stories inserted in the movie, so that each story is in a short time. It was completed inside, and it was completed smoothly without any setbacks at all, which greatly reduced the watchability of the movie. What we want to watch is the ups and downs of the plot, and at the same time, coupled with the intense and cool action, the movie only satisfies Intense and cool action, but did not work hard on the plot, which is a bit too bold. The movie can be designed as a story, so that we can shape the plot for us in detail and attentively, and add some ups and downs, and the viewability of the movie will be greatly improved, but the director did not properly review the script, the actors I didn't perform well either. The whole movie feels fluid, like a perfunctory, as long as there is action and love in the movie. . Especially in the small bar by the sea, too much time was wasted in it, and even the unimportant customs and customs were shown in the movie, which made the originally short movie time even more difficult to grasp the point. . In fact, I originally expected Michelle Yeoh to show her skills in the movie, or have a love story with Jason Statham, but unfortunately I thought too much, the director didn't do that, just a good kung fu actress, in the movie It's just a soy sauce role. It's useless except to provide Jason with a shelter and introduce folk customs. It's really a waste.

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    Tommy Lee Jones Jiang·Lao·Spicy = master of the show (thumbs up here)! The second section of the high-altitude swimming pool kills super high energy (there should be a thumbs up here)! Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria, Cambodia…The World Is Not Enough…Superman Statham Tour Travel Kills Kills (thumbs up here)!

  • Allen 2021-12-20 08:01:07

    When the hero and heroine were in the same frame, it was really embarrassing. It is too rare to have no call. The three assassination routines including the final action scenes are very handsome, but unfortunately the villain still has a lower limit of IQ.

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