The story of a hero saving beauty

Hollie 2022-04-20 09:01:47

I don’t know how to write film reviews, I’ve seen very few movies, and I’ve seen very few film reviews. My evaluation of the film should be very emotional, but also very layman. But that's okay, it's a good start.
The ticket price of "The Mechanic 2" is RMB65. Why do I mention the ticket price, because I watched a 4D movie. The so-called 4D is when the male protagonist shakes violently except for the bed scene, the audience is all Following the shaking, there was a large change in the scene, and there was also a sense of movement when the perspective of the lens was changed. Our seats were always moving and playing. Yes, seats. In fact, there is no full-scale immersive feeling at all. I only shoot for Mao and beat people. I have to follow the gun and tremble. I can't see the screen clearly, and my waist hurts so much. I want to sleep when I pee, but The seat movement is too big to sleep, and it even pits a series of feelings such as my 20s. It feels tasteless. Especially the use of such advanced things in this film is a bit wasteful, of course I am talking about 20 yuan.
Let's talk about the plot. The story is that little A and little B were adopted and trained by an organization since childhood. A escaped, but B did not escape. B thought that A had left him, so he threatened him with his girlfriend and must kill him three people. I Cao He escaped, you didn't go, you won't go by yourself, it's not a couple who eloped and blamed others for leaving you, but maybe I haven't watched the first one, I don't know their love line very well, it should be It's my fault. Then let's talk about the heroine, that is, little B found a beautiful girl to seduce little A, and then let him fall in love with the heroine, and he was controlled by him. All I can say is that maybe the heroine is too good-looking, she knew she was seduced and she was so fucking seduced, or maybe it was Xiao A who was too kind to save the children who were rescued by the heroine (but what does this have to do with you? , Are all killers here to save the world, well, you have a heroic aura). Anyway, after the heroine was kidnapped, he went to complete the agreement, constantly changing the scene and leveling up his IQ to fight monsters. The male protagonist originally wanted to fight back, but he was unsuccessful. In the end, he counter-killed B under the careful design of the male protagonist. I said B, you are also the author. Originally, if you still have some feelings, you have to send a woman to seduce. Oh, what am I talking about, in fact, I don't understand the relationship between these two people, I just guessed.
To sum up, the male protagonist is so fucking handsome, an all-round talent, and his assassination methods are top-notch. Mistress, well, she's still pretty. Although I don't quite understand the significance of her being a necessary and dispensable character. I don't know if the movie is a good movie or not. The story is a short story anyway. It is estimated that it will be a bedtime story for my nephew and I have to add another one. But 65 really made me feel distressed. After spending 20 hours more, I even bought a bottle of safflower oil after reading it. It may be that I am old, my waist is not good, and my heart is no longer the heart that loves heroes.

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  • Amparo 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Alba is so cute, it would be nice if she was swimming in the whole movie

  • Kiley 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Besides Guo Da's face and body, what else can you see?

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  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

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