Imaginary Movie - The Mechanic 2

Armani 2022-04-21 09:02:26

A man, a watch; a woman, a sea.

This is the initial impression of the mechanic.

The memory is still at the time of his "death".

So many people who regret his talent, so many people who forget him. However, only Clary, who hated him the most and admired him the most, followed his footsteps from clues and believed that he would not die so easily.

Bishop is pathetic.
The beloved father is gone, the woman I loved so much is gone, and even everyday life is spent in unease.
What impressed him was that at the beginning of the film, every time he left the yacht where he lived, he was ready to change to a new residence at any time. There will never be a home where you can rest assured and dream, and depend on your lover.
Or that a person like him is not even qualified to have a lover, and a cowardly woman will only die because of him.
All only saw his ingenuity, his daring, and no one ever cared whether he needed a soft spot to erase his strong disguise. So it is accidental and inevitable that Gina occupies his atrium.
The idea of ​​kidnapping a woman who can both approach Bishop's fighting ability and philanthropy that can influence Bishop's is the best idea.
When Gina looked at Bisso with tears and sincere emotion on the beach at night, in the afterglow of the bonfire, Bisso knew he had fallen. The fusion of her strength and weakness allowed Bishop to see who he was before—the child who didn't want to be sympathetic to others but yearned for care.

Bisso is impulsive.
He can easily fall in love with a person, but finds that forgetting it may take a lifetime.
So he gave his father's relics to others for the first time, and let himself return to the abyss. His unreserved love moved Gina. When the entire cruise ship was in danger of explosion, Bisso let Gina take refuge in the diving cabin alone. At that time, Gina was seriously injured but cried and slammed the door, fiercely opposed to Bisso's adventure.
After Gina was rescued, she asked the ambulance staff: "Is there any survivors on that boat?" The medical staff said briefly and coldly, "No." , I don't know what I'm thinking. She didn't cry hysterically, she didn't get angry at Bishop for leaving her, there was just silence, horribly silent.
At that time, she should have been very conflicted in her heart, and believed in the promise given by Bishop—that she would not only protect her well, but also return safely. However, how can a person's strength compete with the power of a bomb, she is lost in the waiting world.
Because of waiting, there will be joy when we meet again.

Max discovered Bisso's escape method and a video that could prove his survival, and finally pressed the delete button with a laugh without hesitation. There is no idea of ​​use, some are just the pleasure of drinking a thousand cups of confidants, some are just the sympathy of heroes cherishing heroes, and the admiration conquered by Bishop's personality charm.

In the end, Bisso and Gina smiled at each other in the rescue center, as if the past ordeals of the past had been wiped out, and in the future there would only be an ordinary life of supporting each other.

There are only legends of mechanics in the arena.

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  • Jannie 2022-03-30 09:01:05

    As expected, it's worse than the first one. If the first director is still working hard to make a crime film, this one is completely reduced to a third-rate landscape film, and there are several fighting scenes interspersed in the middle, which is more like going through the motions. , even if you just want to be an action movie actor quietly, the level of JS's filming can't drop so fast, and Michelle Yeoh's soy sauce role is also full of slots. The biggest gain of the whole film may be to find an actor who was born in diving to save money

  • Amparo 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Alba is so cute, it would be nice if she was swimming in the whole movie

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.