Mechanic 2: Resurrection (Aftermath)

Dallin 2022-04-21 09:02:26

I haven't seen the first part, but I just happened to watch the second part, but it's more exciting than I imagined, but it's a little far-fetched in terms of plot.
The film as a whole is as focused on action, and crime as it is positioned, and the narrative of "love", the thread it uses throughout the film, is somewhat too far-fetched, and seems to be connected only for the sake of connection.
The killer Arthur (Jason Statham), who was hiding in the port at the beginning, was found by his enemy Crane (Sam Hazeldine) and asked for help to get rid of his business competitors, but Arthur said that he had washed his hands, Not cooperating, so they began to flee.
After that, the enemy did not give up, and sent Gina (Jessica Alba) as a bait to tempt Arthur to create his weakness.
At this point, the plot started to pull hard. The male protagonist Arthur had doubts about Gina's purpose, but after Gina's bitter complaints in a few words, he let Arthur, who was on extreme alert, dispel his concerns, and fell in love with him, for the sake of the girl. The Lord is desperate. I thought that the plot would be reversed later, the heroine would continue to do things for the enemy, hurt the hero, etc. I never thought that the plot would be so simple and clear, Arthur and Gina are true love.
Then, just as the enemy planned, Arthur desperately obeyed the arrangement of the villain Crane (Sam Hazeldine) to kill in order to rescue Gina. And it seems that in order to reflect the excellence of Arthur's killing technique and the unlimited potential to stimulate his strength, Klein put forward a second request after Arthur killed the first target, killing by time limit, the transaction killing at this time is more like A game of Crane. (The first requirement: kill people, cause suicide scene)
In this way, Arthur, with his brave and fearless courage and omnipotent strength, perfectly ended the second goal.
But at this time, Arthur began to resist. He secretly reached a consensus with the target No. 3 Max (Tommy Lee Jones) for their own interests, made a deal, and then started another stunning gunfight. Se singled out one of Klein's troops.
In the final dialogue between Crane and Arthur, people can't help but feel the love. Crane vowed not to let Arthur die because Arthur escaped without taking Crane with him when he was in the killer organization when he was a child. . Immediately, he thought of the shock and anger when Crane saw Gina wearing Arthur's watch, and then he began to increase the difficulty of the task.
There was no surprise at the end of the plot, everyone was happy, the decent hit the villain, the hero and the beauty were together, and the big villain Klein died.
The whole film seems to be able to remember only three points:
1. It is the precise planning and layout of Arthur (Jason Statham) and the precision of his marksmanship in the invincible fighting scenes, the decisiveness and ruthlessness of his shots. .
2. The bodies of Arthur and Gina (Jessica Alba) are really blood-swelling.
3. Max's (Tommy Lee Jones) perversity and humor seems to be the mood adjustment point of the whole show.

But there are also some doubts: 1. Isn't Gina an agent? Why is he so weak, he was caught without any resistance, and he didn't seem to react until the end, "I'm on the same line with Arthur."
2. The first arms dealer who was killed in the front, has been in the underworld for so many years without even taking precautions? So easy to believe, so easy to be alone, so easy to be killed.
3. Is there really nothing between Arthur and Crane? . (Just kidding)
In short, apart from the plot, this movie is quite worth watching.

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  • Jannie 2022-03-30 09:01:05

    As expected, it's worse than the first one. If the first director is still working hard to make a crime film, this one is completely reduced to a third-rate landscape film, and there are several fighting scenes interspersed in the middle, which is more like going through the motions. , even if you just want to be an action movie actor quietly, the level of JS's filming can't drop so fast, and Michelle Yeoh's soy sauce role is also full of slots. The biggest gain of the whole film may be to find an actor who was born in diving to save money

  • Amparo 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Alba is so cute, it would be nice if she was swimming in the whole movie

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.