After watching it, I checked and found that the director and screenwriter have all changed.

Axel 2022-04-21 09:02:26

At the beginning of the first part, Uncle Guo took a blood, and then he did it all the way, from beginning to end without any urine, and the last blink slipped away, and all kinds of blood spurted.

Look at this again, what the heck.
At the beginning, the model of the city in Brazil was too expensive. Where did the director find the model production team and made it rubbish. If the Chinese love to speculate on real estate, you can put a Brazilian sand table to fool the Chinese aunt. .
At the end of the day, the heroine has nothing to do except show her breasts. I don't think the heroine, Uncle Guo, can do it to the fullest.
Next is Aunt Yang, is the Thai bento better?
OK, here comes the good part.
The first prison boss, didn't he agree to die unexpectedly? To stab with a stick instead of a knife, is this also an accident? Making such a big noise, and blowing holes in the prison in front of so many people, I really can't see any accident? Big Boss, aren't you a fucking arms seller? . . A single missile is not over, and he even exhausted Uncle Guo with all his thoughts. .
The second one is even more funny, such a tall building and such a big swimming pool, it’s okay for Mr. Guo to climb for a long time and the security guard can’t see it, so many people on the road are bowing their heads and playing with their mobile phones to scan the circle of friends, but they can’t see anyone climbing on it. right. .
Before the third one, Mr. Guo had already started to brush, and after two dungeons, why didn't you continue to fight the boss at the end? I ran to get the third one, came to the boss with a lot of trouble, and figured out how to go back and continue to brush the dungeon. How boring is this Nima. . Invincible lonely ah. . With all kinds of soldiers in Mechanic 2, the boss is controlled by the fate of the uncle Guo, even more than the god of death. .
Where did the big boss get the confidence before he died? ? ? Where is your dignity as a boss? ? ?
And finally. . The third buddy, it's enough to hold your own if you don't kill me. . What are you still doing there? Could it be that you still have to find someone in the third part to tease Uncle Guo and let him kill him. . . Really tm mentally retarded.

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Extended Reading
  • Theron 2021-12-20 08:01:07

    Jessica Alba is so good-looking, why don’t you take a good film?

  • Angel 2022-03-22 09:01:59

    The suspended swimming pool is good

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.