In addition to the action, there is a detonating action movie with action left

Aidan 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Originally, I didn't have high expectations for this film, I just hoped that this film would burn enough and it would be OK, and that's the truth! The girl next to me kept saying "It's so cool!"

Aside from all the plots, the plot of every part of this movie is very cool and cool, and every action is so simple and fast, which quickly satisfies the audience's extreme desire The thrill of the action, but watching the fighting process with 3D glasses is really eye-abusing, and the abuse is unnecessary. The male protagonist who recruits and defeats the enemy, every outbreak is so cool that the girl next to him has more than emotional climaxes, and the heroic male hormones permeate the entire screen. Although the female protagonist is really in a good shape, but who cares? , I really didn't have time to appreciate it.

In the part of the small island in Thailand, there is only one big question mark in my heart. Is it really not a plot for tourism advertisements? The local scenery is really beautiful, the beach is beautiful and the blue ocean, coupled with the small mountain islands standing in the middle of the sea, make people linger. But the heroine is so forcibly implanted in the plot, which makes people "hard" to a certain extent. The various backgrounds laid out for the heroine really make people unable to find rationality, so the male protagonist's outburst of irresponsibility makes people look a little bit. It's inexplicable, after all, in the first part, the male protagonist is an image of both good and evil, which makes people love, hate, and explode! Since the second part, the label of "justice is extraordinary" has been clearly written on the male protagonist's face.

In the details of the plot, the director is still very attentive, leaving some interlocking things in each link, just to believe in a certain kind of hatred and internationalist belief, and forcefully link all the plots together, which is somewhat uncomfortable. . The three assassinations in the play are really thrilling to watch. Every time they succeed, they inject a hearty dose of "stimulant" into the audience. The sense of picture is even more eye-catching, but it always feels that the three are relatively independent and cannot be No matter how independent the story is, it is forcibly tied together, and it is an assassination operation that is executed quickly.

Well, such a very enjoyable movie viewing, even if there are some deficiencies, can still be endured, because the pleasure is there!

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  • Cheyenne 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Friendship 3.5 stars. The fight is okay, the scenery is good. Under the spoiler, a beautiful doctor said only one line.

  • Chris 2022-03-22 09:01:59

    Tommy Lee Jones Jiang·Lao·Spicy = master of the show (thumbs up here)! The second section of the high-altitude swimming pool kills super high energy (there should be a thumbs up here)! Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria, Cambodia…The World Is Not Enough…Superman Statham Tour Travel Kills Kills (thumbs up here)!

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.