The movie "The Mechanic 2": an action blockbuster with shocking scenes and star effects

Ofelia 2022-04-22 07:01:32

The usual gunfights, one-stop assassination, high-risk stunts that practice makes perfect, the essential hero-saving love flavoring, and eye-catching big-screen blasting scenes, these elements are indispensable in Hollywood action movies. Thousands of the same thick soups have mass-produced "fast food movies" that look different at first glance but are actually very similar. Fueled by commercial interests, film producers and investors are well aware that even if these films have no nutritional value, they can still make a lot of money in the big pie of the film market. This is not to say that the public really likes this kind of simple and rude blockbusters that have no connotation and only focus on the scenes and fights to satisfy the "eye desire", but the public's unconscious dependence and inertia on this kind of movies make it temporarily There is no way to get rid of the blind following when choosing a movie.
The audience of the movie is mainly young people. The pressure of young people in their daily work and life because of their fledgling relationships is naturally much greater than that of middle-aged people whose careers and lives have been stabilized. Therefore, The role of movies for them is mainly leisure entertainment and relaxation comfort, rather than a kind of exploration and hooking on art. The big Hollywood movies have seized the attributes of this part of the main crowd, and tailored for them the story is simple, the plot is compact, the scene is shocking, and it is all in one go.

The action blockbuster with star effect is accepted by most people, and they are also happy and relaxed. It has enough eye addiction and is worth the price of the ticket. What else is there to complain about? For the film market, it has its own rules of survival and development, and there is no need to be too harsh. Even if you know it's a routine and you know it's making money, you can't do anything about it.
The Mechanic 2 is such a successful commercial popcorn movie.

Jason Statham's popularity can be described as not high, the public's love for him has made the film progress all the way, not only breaking through 100 million in two days, but also directly smashing "Shocking", crushing "Jack Reacher", overlooking " "Dragon Ball Z", I believe that the future popularity and box office expectations will continue to be overwhelming and proud before the new blockbuster appears. Closer to home, back to the movie itself, although "The Mechanic 2" is the product of a routine operation, it still has quite remarkable points on the whole. Whether it is blasting, gunfights, stunts, and one-on-one dramas, they are all very brilliant, and there are several dangerous and dangerous high-risk action sections such as volley jumps, jumps, and motorboats. When I saw the killer Peso, played by Jason, jump from an unprotected height to the ceiling of a glider that just flew over, the theater where the author was in immediately erupted in unison. Yeh, obviously, Jason's work ethic is truly admirable and stunned. In fact, based on this, the standard of this film will not be demoted too low.
But then again, no matter how well the stunts and scenes are done, it still cannot hide the weakness and far-fetchedness of the plot itself. The first is the love between killer Peso and Gina, one is the elite of the special forces and the other is a professional killer. These two professions determine that neither of them can be emotional, and it also determines that the two of them cannot fall in love at first sight so easily. Even if they want to fall in love, they can't be so sloppy, and the handling of their emotional scenes in the film is so sloppy: Gina's fake drama was really domestic violence, and then she was seen by Michelle Yeoh, who was overflowing with sympathy, and then Michelle Yeoh was inexplicable. The lobbyist said that if you don't save her, I'll go, and then Bisuo was forced to have no choice but to go to the disciples to cause trouble. In the end, an accident happened, and the domestic abuser was beaten to death by Bisuo. Gina's true identity was also exposed and she eloquently expressed her helplessness, and then the kind-hearted Peso began to willingly embark on the "road of no return". It turned out that all this was Michelle Yeoh's fault. Makes people cry. In addition to the protagonist's love scene designed to be perfunctory, the relationship between Bisuo and Crane is also inexplicable. According to the information in the film, we can know that Bisuo and Crane have known each other since childhood, and they are both orphans who suffer from the same disease, because After a tragic life, he was caught by the gang to work as a coolie, and then Peso escaped, but Crane didn't, so Crane has been brooding about Biso and wanted revenge. There is nothing wrong with this design, but it has nothing to do with the whole movie. To put it bluntly, these things are off-topic and have no effect on the plot of the movie itself, even if Pesso and Crane are strangers and never know each other. It will have any impact on the overall plot. On the contrary, the elements that have been known since childhood make the audience always think that there will be a brotherly friendship between Pesso and Crane that kills and loves each other, which is why Crane is Peso. The deep-rooted resentment has buried emotional lines, and the film may also be sublimated from this. Sadly, nothing happened. The villain played along a single line of death until the end of the play, nothing more, which is undoubtedly the biggest regret of the film.

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  • Katelyn 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    The plot is so tense, - a hair~

  • Cade 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    This is the most perfunctory movie I've ever seen in a love scene or even a sex scene. The director doesn't seem to have given enough money to the heroine. Adding one star to the swimming pool part, I would say that Zheng Baorui's accident is called a real accidental assassination, but think about why it is necessary to go into this kind of drama.

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.

  • Courier: The principal I represent has an offer for you. He'd like 3 men killed. Each death must look like an accident. Your specialty I believe. Seems that reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    [plays a video of his death]

    Courier: My principal can make that known to certain interested parties. Which means that your new life here would end rather quickly.

    Arthur Bishop: [looks around and sees henchmen surrounding him]

    Courier: Or you can do the job and go back to being dead. What's your pleasure Senior Otto Santos?

    Arthur Bishop: Let me make a call.

    [takes his phone, but instead takes her picture]

    Courier: What are you doing?