A good person can turn Shura difficulty into extremely easy difficulty

Quinn 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Movies have been boring lately, so it's nice to see The Mechanic 2 coming out. At least there is a movie to watch.
Jason Statham needs no introduction, this is a cold and manly man. Although most of the movies he has acted in are of similar genres, he is calm, principled, doesn't like to cause trouble, can shoot well, and is proficient in various skills, especially diving, in short, he is a trustworthy person. This one is no exception. Although it is a very old-fashioned story, I just like watching fights.
The chocolate beauty Jessica Alba's acting skills are really average, but in this era where looks are king, with a sweet face and a tall figure, do you still have time to watch acting? I didn't even notice Statham was in the camera anyway when she showed up at the beach in a maxi dress. Tommy Lee Jones is an old showman who is more than a few years old, and there are still so many works. It's really a sunset. I even played a dive in this one, and I admire it. Michelle Yeoh is not good at being the proprietress. She has been addicted to movies. She is really not doing her job properly. In fact, the film lineup is quite strong.
Statham has suspended his life and escaped from the world, but his friends who were trained by gangsters when he was a child still refused to let him go. After a big fight in Rio, after jumping on the hang glider to escape, Statham had no choice but to go to Thailand. The little friend sent Alba to seduce him, knowing it was a trick, but still saddened by Beauty Pass. The task given by the little friend is to help him kill three people before letting Alba go.
In fact, I think the murder method is quite creative. The first is to kill an African arms dealer in a prison on a cliff. This is not difficult, pretend to be a prisoner to enter. Cigarettes and chewing gum contain tiny bombs. After cheating the trust of the arms dealer, it is done with a few personal bunts, pretending to be overdose. In the end, he jumped off the cliff to escape, but he didn't say how to escape the shark. Could it be that kind of ointment?
The second task is to kill a suspicious leader in Sydney. He lives on the top floor with strict security, but his brain is too big to build a floating swimming pool. Statham steals a key downstairs through a photo, and then uses a suction cup to climb to the top floor through the glass, which is similar to Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible. Finally, drill holes in the bottom of the pool and inject chemicals to fake the pool break. For those who suffer from acrophobia, this episode is quite scary. But I have passed the test of walking in the cloud, which is trivial.
After an outnumbered rescue operation, Statham seeks cooperation with a third target. After showing their prowess, Statham and Jones teamed up. First, I used tricks to deceive a small team, all kinds of trap bombs, and machine gun fire, and finally got it. Then he raided the yacht from the bottom of the water. After a bang, bang, bang, the yacht exploded. Statham faked his death again, and the beautiful woman in his arms returned.
To be honest, the plot is really nothing new. The action design is also Statham's consistent style, full of power, simple and effective, and winning by muscles. There are more gun battle scenes, relatively speaking, the fighting scenes are a little less.
It can be seen that the investment is not very large, nor is it a classic. But I just love watching action movies, what the hell. It's just a good movie.

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  • Conrad 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    No brainy action movie, just play cool enough

  • Destin 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Even if it is rotten in comparison, it is stronger than many domestic action movies

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.