I was wrong about domestic movies

Neoma 2022-04-23 07:02:29

After watching it, I feel that I have wrongly blamed the domestic film. Has it become a common problem in the film industry that I can't explain the storyline well? The plot is so brainless that it's full of flaws!
The synopsis of the film is that Bishop had to complete a series of impossible assassination missions for his love! Such an introduction can instantly fill in a lot of burning and touching scenes. As a result, the screenwriter made the male protagonist complete the first two tasks with super ease. Excuse me? What about the big boss? What about the impossible task? Well, let's not pay attention to these details and treat them as the plot needs. After all, the male protagonist's light is also dazzling. The bullet can't kill it, the bomb can't blow up, and one person can overturn the whole world! Hong Kong, you are so awesome, why don't you rule the entire universe!
Well, let's go back and look at the love of the male protagonist's life. I am really at a loss as to what this emotional line explains. I have to sing a song of Xiao Gongju to respond to the scene "Love comes too fast like a tornado", however, Tornadoes don't come as fast as the love sparks of the male and female protagonists! It really takes 10,000 years to play this kind of stalk that a woman's life experience arouses sympathy for! The male protagonist was an orphan who was sold to a gangster and was brutally abused. In the end, he escaped with the spirit of Xiaoqiang, and he was also abused by the little friend who was abused together but did not escape. This is the biggest villain of the film, Klein, although I can't complain about this kind of plot, but I am more The one who can't complain is the heroine, what the hell are you sorry for? It's not like this is how you brush your sense of existence. If you replace it with a silly white sweet who has not been deeply involved in the world, you may be moved, but the heroine, wake up! Your character is a former US special forces soldier! Haven't seen any big winds and waves, tell me! I can't understand how this little misery can move you to dedicate yourself and your love so deeply!
Let's move the camera to the place where the male protagonist presents the watch. The male protagonist, after sleeping silly and sweet, the former US special forces female protagonist, affectionately puts his father's relic → a watch on the female protagonist's small wrist. So far, I was completely unprepared, and when Klein saw the watch and decided that the heroine was really important to the hero, I was still silently complaining about the villain's IQ: It was obvious that Bisso knew your routine and acting. you see! I got slapped in the face after that! People are really in love, and people really go up the cliff, climb high buildings, and dive into the deep sea for the heroine who I don’t know has been with for a few days and a night! Of course, I can also understand that the male protagonist Fraternity does not want to see the innocent female protagonist die because of himself, so he chooses to let others die, but the ending forced me to face the plot trend, they are really true love! I also don't quite understand the true love of you Americans!
Finally, let's spit out: Now, as long as it is a movie, it must be 3D! ! ! I always think that only sci-fi interstellar ones are better to use 3D. What do you want to do with 3D for the others? Is the plot not enough 3D to make up?
I feel like I won't be able to watch any old American tough guy movies in the future! Let's go back to the old movies to make up for the fragile heart that has been hurt by the movies in the past year!

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  • Cheyenne 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Friendship 3.5 stars. The fight is okay, the scenery is good. Under the spoiler, a beautiful doctor said only one line.

  • Chris 2022-03-22 09:01:59

    Tommy Lee Jones Jiang·Lao·Spicy = master of the show (thumbs up here)! The second section of the high-altitude swimming pool kills super high energy (there should be a thumbs up here)! Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria, Cambodia…The World Is Not Enough…Superman Statham Tour Travel Kills Kills (thumbs up here)!

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.

  • Courier: The principal I represent has an offer for you. He'd like 3 men killed. Each death must look like an accident. Your specialty I believe. Seems that reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    [plays a video of his death]

    Courier: My principal can make that known to certain interested parties. Which means that your new life here would end rather quickly.

    Arthur Bishop: [looks around and sees henchmen surrounding him]

    Courier: Or you can do the job and go back to being dead. What's your pleasure Senior Otto Santos?

    Arthur Bishop: Let me make a call.

    [takes his phone, but instead takes her picture]

    Courier: What are you doing?