Anyway, the general evaluation of action movies is not high,,,,,,, if you like this, Jason is the quality of this film

Jillian 2022-04-23 07:02:29

As soon as Jason's movie came out, I decided to watch it.
Many people on the Internet have very low evaluations. In the eyes of people with judgment, many comments are just a carnival of value recognition.
In fact, as long as Jason Statham's films are shown in domestic theaters, there is no pressure on domestic low-scoring films every second.
Action movies have thin plots. If you don't go for fighting scenes, you can indeed play with your mobile phone while watching the movie...
After all, there are very few people who love action movies.
Anyway, the Fast and Furious series is not very rated.

Well, this article

is Brazil, Sydney, Thailand... The scenery shot is good.
Statham's character and action ideas are also
good Don't pay too much attention to it~

Jason is a little older in addition to his face, body, muscles, movements, if the girl wants to see it.
If you agree that the heroine is not stupidly waiting for someone to save her, she often finds opportunities to attack and counterattack to cooperate with the hero.
If you have seen Jason's low-rated movies online, you think it's okay, not the uselessness of Internet speech.

Warning: Please do not watch the plot of action movies, this is the wrong way to watch movies! ! ! ! ! !

Well, the domestic box office of this film is still OK~

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Extended Reading
  • Zane 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Oh my gosh, how could this be done! ! ! Does Jason have no choice for the role? Is the screenwriter mentally retarded or mentally retarded? ! Emotional scenes are really deep in love, and I don't know where to go. What about the cold killer? ! The action scenes are all badly filmed hard parts, the swimming pool killing is finally a fun part, and the other aspects are generally not desirable. Jessica Alba has always insisted on making a beautiful vase, and the soy sauce of Michelle Yeoh and Lao Tang is also boring.

  • Monique 2022-03-21 09:02:07

    Emotional scenes and bed scenes are all embarrassing to the point of flying up, not taking off clothes, doing love. Why can't you just take it as soon as you see money? . . However, Jessica Alba is still beautiful! ! ! !

Mechanic: Resurrection quotes

  • Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

  • Arthur Bishop: [after killing Krill] Let the man pray.