"The Mechanic" Series: I'm Guoda Statham, do you like to watch it!

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"It's easy to pull the trigger, but the most important result is that no one is aware of your existence at all." This is the introduction of Liguoda Statham's job positioning in the first part of "The Mechanic". Mechanics, to put it bluntly, are killers who take people's money and people to eliminate disasters. In Statham's film resume, "The Mechanic" is a rare film that has received good reviews in the works starring him. Now that "The Mechanic 2" is being released in China, I suddenly want to talk about my understanding of Statham.
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Our generation's understanding of Western action movies began with Stallone and Schwarzenegger, the two mountains of hardcore action movies. Surviving their resounding name was a gang of second-rate action stars of the video era, such as Jean-Claude Vincent and the like. With the rapid development of computer special effects and the addition of sci-fi factors, the influence of old-school action-style movies has gradually declined. In this era of style faults, Guoda Statham is a character worth mentioning.

To be honest, I have nothing to like or dislike about actors like Statham. My own liking in movies is not a meat and vegetarian diet, and I can find my favorite works in various genres. In the cookie-cutter popcorn action movie alone, I think Statham is one of the best.
Mechanic 2

It is calculated that Statham, who was born in 1967, will be 50 years old. Although his bald head and body are still very good, he still has passed the golden period of an action actor.

The first time I knew his name was in Luc Besson's "Fateful Express" (also known as "Extraordinary Traffickers") directed by Yuan Kui. A Hong Kong martial arts instructor, Yuan Kui, also joined hands with 35-year-old Statham to present such a wonderful and enjoyable action movie full of Hong Kong-style fighting.

The success of "Death Express" has led Statham to film two sequels and even reboot the classic last year with a replacement. Since then, Statham has consumed his diver-turned-body toned and variously engineered killing techniques in various commercially packaged action movies.

It's a pity that Statham's films starring him every few years have always been in a whirlpool of stereotypes and bad films. Regardless of the role he plays, it is full of childish good and evil settings and violent erotic scenes, gradually forming a movie that just needs popcorn and a pair of eyes to watch Statham. The images he creates are indistinguishable.

In addition to the "Angry Heart" series that takes the COOL film route (this film is not bad), "The Mechanic" can launch a sequel in certain factors. The first "The Mechanic" was directed by Simon West, whose "Prison in the Air" in the 1990s is Nicolas Cage's most famous solo action trio (the other two are "Breakthrough" One of Life Island" and "Changing Face"), the plot setting and action scenes in a closed environment are all very good in this type of film. In the film "The Mechanic", it still pays more attention to characterization and story description.
Mechanic 2

If killing wasn't a crime, then a mechanic would be a cool job. Familiar with all kinds of death insurance, proficient in all kinds of firearms and weapons, fighting skills against the sky, excellent psychological quality, physical chemistry is also easy to grasp. The profession of killer is definitely a good material for action movies. If there is a killer, there will be battles. If there are battles and scenes, then on the screen, it will become one of the weights to attract audiences. And how to give the killer a deeper character beyond the action scene is the ultimate test for the director, screenwriter and production staff. The best-performing films here will forever remain in the hearts of fans, such as Luc Besson's "The Killer Isn't Too Cold."

Although "The Mechanic" does not reach the level of "This Killer Is Not Too Cold" at this point, it still achieves a certain degree of expressiveness for the image of the killer, which has been repeatedly photographed in film and television dramas. The killer receives a new mission, targeting a friend he knows well. This kind of setting is not unusual, mostly to show the conflict and hesitation of the killer in work and emotion. The "Mechanic" is slightly different in that the killer killed his friend almost without hesitation, and killed his friend's son when he finally threatened him. This kind of performance does not make the audience tend to agree with the ideological values ​​of the protagonist's killer, because usually "self-righteous" audiences tend to fit their emotions on the "self-righteous" protagonist and combine them into one, while the killer protagonist of this film does not There are not many such demands. The arrangement of the script is more to take into account the establishment of the image of the killer.

The son of the murdered friend said, "What kind of scum would it be to shoot someone in a wheelchair?" The killer is such a person. He understands that the person targeted by the organization will inevitably die (except himself, of course). In the same final confrontation with the son who tried to kill his friend, he still left the fatal blow waiting for the prey to enter the net.

In "The Mechanic", the sense of distance and self-defense between the killer and his friends, friends' sons, and ballroom beauties are all reflected. In the sequel "The Mechanic 2" launched this year, the new director almost completely abandoned the few advantages of the previous work, and propped up the audience with action scenes, completely ignoring the characters.

When the emotional connection between people cannot be established, all motivations will not be so appropriate. In the sequel, the three progressive tasks are more to show several different action scenes. Although the killer does not need any cause and effect to perform the task, the task of this film is based on a clichéd relationship between men and women. of. Therefore, in this film, the audience cannot feel the change in the dialogue between the two characters of the previous killer and the son of a friend. The characters in The Mechanic 2 are all tied together by embarrassment. Michelle Yeoh and Old Tom who are playing soy sauce are embarrassing. Such great fame plays absolutely irrelevant roles. The heroine Jessica Alba is embarrassing, not even as good as the look of a ballroom beauty in the previous work.

In the action scene, only the swimming pool scene left a deep impression on the people. The swimming pool assassination this time is different from the opening scene in the first part of "The Mechanic". Although the creativity is enough, there is a small flaw. Do not vomit quickly. In the introduction of the TV program after the swimming pool murder case, a video captured the moment when the swimming pool burst, and at that moment the killer was preparing to glide into the window outside the high wall. The possibility of being photographed is very high. In such a daytime It's really hard to do a pool accident in public.

In a scene in prison, the scene where the killer stops the avengers with wrist knives is also puzzling, why not sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight bet a victory without risk. Of course, it is also explained that the black boss has a strong anti-assassination ability and is protected by bodyguards. The killer is worried that it will be difficult for him to get close after the assassination fails, but when he sees the picture, the avengers are extremely close to the black boss and are killed by the killer's knife before he sees the bodyguard to rescue him. In short, the background explanation here is not too clean.
Jessica Alba

For such an old-school western action movie, I still don't expect much. I will not raise my expectations for films like "The Mechanic" to the level of "007" and "Mission: Impossible". Due to the different market-oriented investments, I will invest in a series of medium-sized action films in Guoda Statham. There are always violent or erotic images that do not appear in "007" and "Mission Impossible", and some scales may be larger. I do not agree with this kind of scale, but say that in the huge movie market, there will definitely be audiences suitable for this type of movie. For them, watching such a movie that does not require visual stimulation is also a kind of leisure time enjoyment .

"Heroes" are getting old and beautiful, and it is always a less happy thing. In today's film industry, there are really not many actors who can replace Statham in this type of action movie. Although there are many bad movies, I still laugh it off. There is also Jessica Alba in "Sin City" in the picture above. Ten years later, the beautiful vase of youthful beauty has turned into a yellow flower of yesterday, which is really a pity...
four-day box office

In addition to Alba's stunning appearance, the box office is also jaw-dropping. Liangtang and Guo Da, who are both in the action movie genre but with different status in the film industry, compete on the same stage. Liangtang's four-day box office performance is only a quarter of Guo Da Statham's, which is still in the high-definition source of "The Mechanic 2" Under the circumstance that the net is full, how can you not sigh? So Guoda Statham definitely has the courage and the right to say, "I just made countless movies like this, do you like to watch it or not! ←_←

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  • Stewart 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    An action movie where the characters are still confused. Statham should be a bald and righteous male star. At the end of the film, I thought it was pretty cool. …

  • Zane 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Oh my gosh, how could this be done! ! ! Does Jason have no choice for the role? Is the screenwriter mentally retarded or mentally retarded? ! Emotional scenes are really deep in love, and I don't know where to go. What about the cold killer? ! The action scenes are all badly filmed hard parts, the swimming pool killing is finally a fun part, and the other aspects are generally not desirable. Jessica Alba has always insisted on making a beautiful vase, and the soy sauce of Michelle Yeoh and Lao Tang is also boring.

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