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Josie 2022-04-19 09:02:21

I watched [the Duchess] in the early morning because of my favorite KK, and because of my longing for British culture from the 18th to the 19th century. The graphics, costumes, ost, all are impeccable, and when it comes to the actors - keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes, how can you miss it.
The film is not so much a biography of the Duchess, Georgianna, as a lamentation of the status of women at the time.
Marrying for male heirs - that's the Duchess' duty; even if she dumps all beings, she's a fertility machine to be used in marriage after all;

her love and friendship - is there love with Duke? Everyone in London knows: the only man in the UK who doesn't love Georgiana is her husband. Are you in love with Charles? Rather, it may be more appropriate to say that it is yearning for freedom. When the only thing she has in her life is herself - Lady Bess throws herself into the Duke's arms, she has nothing;

her ideals and reality - she is passionate about fashion as a way for women to express themselves; she is also involved in politics , has her own unique opinions, and has won the respect of the masses; it's just that she is noble and elegant in front of others, but she has to take care of her husband's illegitimate daughter in the back, and has to be in the same room with her husband's mistress, her former friend Lady Bess; She thought she had the opportunity to pursue the freedom of love, but in the end she couldn't escape the ties of her children;

she was just a woman.

An ignorant 18-year-old innocent girl asked if the Duke loved her;

a woman who was neglected by her husband and could not feel the warmth, endured a husband who was messing around with flowers;

a woman who was forced to send her illegitimate daughter away, powerless. The struggle and desperate eyes, unable to choose their own destiny.
be imprisoned in her own house.

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  • Patsy 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    For this kind of European court historical drama, the plot can basically be ignored. As long as the clothes are beautiful and the props are exquisite and gorgeous, it is a qualified film~ (By the way, Keira Knightley has no characters in the play. Temperament, not even classical temperament... I found the wrong actor)

  • Era 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    Very satisfactory. I only picture the gorgeous British style TT...

The Duchess quotes

  • Duke of Devonshire: I don't make deals. Why would I? I'm in charge of it all.

  • Charles Fox: Today we have won the vote. Tomorrow we define the future.