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What kind of wife does the Duke want? Possessing, looking at you like a master painting or a delicate ivory box. You are just one thing he can possess and show off. He doesn't want you to think, he doesn't want you to actually exist.
Most men probably do. In their bones they long to conquer and master. Domesticated wives and dogs are no different in their eyes. There is no need to have ideas or opinions, just come when you call them. This is what the Duke calls "I love you the way I know it." A
woman's incompetence is virtue.
woman! Your name is patience. Sadly, this sentence was told to us by women of a previous generation.
dedication and sacrifice. It is the fate of a woman.
It's just that there are always unwilling women. Ability, ambition, and even beauty make them dare to challenge a male-dominated world.
Duchess G is not one of them.
G wholeheartedly wants to be a good wife, a good mother and a good Duchess. There is no doubt that she is absolutely dedicated. Inside, dedicated to the family, outside, beautiful, noble, idol of the times, full of charisma, willing to please the public. Rumor has it that she used a kiss to canvass votes for Charles.
It's just that G made the same mistake as the direct descendant, Princess Diana of the United Kingdom. Men never want their wives to be more exposed than they are.
All they need is a woman standing behind them, looking up at him, adoring him, and satisfying his foolish vanity, and he'll be as content as a poor fool.
Men all over the country love the Duchess, except the Duke.
There are three people in the marriage, which is too crowded for G.
The world needs balance. . Charles is the balance of G. Life seems to be resplendent like a flower on a hat.
Fame is like an inconsequential thing. until you lose it.
Scandal, excluded from the upper circle, flowers and applause no longer.
The stage fell to the shady curtain.
If life is a gamble.
First, they abandoned their husbands and children, betrayed their relatives and left, ruined the future of their lovers, and were cast aside and exiled together, but they fell in love with each other, but they were very happy. At least for a while.
The second is to accept a moderate amount of freedom and love, and to maintain a marriage that exists in name only, gorgeous on the outside, and corrupt on the inside. But still a beloved, luxurious duchess.
As a seasoned gambler, when you have huge stacks, you are willing to go all-in on a low odds game. Obviously unwise.
As a girl who listened to her mother's words since she was a child, she would not be rebellious in her bones.
Although Yi's end would not be so poor that she would become a washerwoman, it would be impossible to live as ostentatious and extravagant as before. Suffering from the thoughts of the children, and may also be complained by the unhappy lover.
The end of the second is to pretend to be okay and live the original life, still a respected Duchess, but indulge in gambling and alcohol to numb herself, draining the last drop of happiness in her life.
No one wins in life.
All we can do is make it look like we don't lose so badly. .

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  • Carroll 2022-03-21 09:02:23

    1. I don't want to say much about Keira Knightly's appearance; 2. Is Georgiana's gambling addiction just a passing? Too one-sided; one more star for good costume design

  • Blanche 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    Sheridan! What a pleasant surprise. But it's quite irritating. Duke is a jerk! But whether he loves her or not, why does he go to her room every time he does something wrong, and why he always looks melancholy. I really want to swear. This man is disgusting! ! ! ! !

The Duchess quotes

  • Duke of Devonshire: I don't make deals. Why would I? I'm in charge of it all.

  • Charles Fox: Today we have won the vote. Tomorrow we define the future.