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Aletha 2022-04-20 09:01:59

The Duchess, the first wife of the Duke of Devonshire, is also from the Spencer family, and is considered to be a prequel to Princess Diana, including the simultaneous existence of Camilla, the second concubine's reserve candidate, which is indeed similar. There are a lot of things, but the key point is that Di Fei gave birth to two sons in one breath, and the goddess called Georgiana worked hard to give birth to a son. As a result, the successor of Devonshire The Duke is still dead. Therefore, the continuation of the race is everyone's business. It is always a false proposition for the royal family to pass the incense alone. If you are good, it does not mean that the future generations must also be good. The great fusion of human beings is an inevitable trend. So long, so hard in the world. Halfway through the movie, I realized that I had seen it once before, but only had a vague impression. I used to be obsessed with British dramas. To the lover's father, General Gray, there is no grass and green sky by the ancient road, and the child's father later became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Decent people's Yue Mo, as expected, solved it in a civilized and elegant way, unscathed. In our history, this kind of thing is decisive, and a glass of poisonous wine is considered elegant. Emotion is always an unsolved proposition, can the Queen Mother Xiaozhuang and Dorgon be comparable to the love of the nobles? The scandals that were kept secret back then are now the source of the masterpieces handed down to the world with relish. Through the glass window, I admired Georgiana's youthful and beautiful Duke, and I also longed for how wonderful to be that free. Prince Charles met the 18-year-old duke. Diana thought so too. Maybe love and freedom are the positive side of life, then marriage and responsibility are often the unbearable negative side, and the world where yin and yang are mixed is full of grass. Knightley is still beautiful and admires the actor who plays the Duke of Devonshire. Those melancholy eyes have confirmed that it is indeed the proprietor of the Grand Budapest Hotel, Ralph Fiennes. Reduce the tragedy of the film? Such an elegant and rich husband, even if the styling and makeup of this film is deliberately leaning towards the twilight, but after all, it is difficult to hide his handsomeness. In the final analysis, he is still the heroine, living in imperfect perfection without realizing it.

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  • Lorena 2022-04-24 07:01:15

    This is indeed a sacrifice, as if people live for power and position, and inhuman creatures are inferior to beasts.

  • Lourdes 2022-03-28 09:01:06

    It's rare that I read it without subtitles~~ It's so sad~~ So don't marry a powerful patriarchal man~~`

The Duchess quotes

  • Duke of Devonshire: I don't make deals. Why would I? I'm in charge of it all.

  • Charles Fox: Today we have won the vote. Tomorrow we define the future.