The Backbone Duchess Kate Knightley Edition

Jennyfer 2022-04-20 09:01:59

Another work by Kate Knightley, the BBC's film this time gathers two old actors, Ralph Fiennes and Charlotte Rampling, which can be regarded as a box office guarantee, but it is still very enjoyable to see Ralph Fiennes' performance, no matter what he plays, From "The English Patient" to "The Immortal Gardener," his big English nose and esoteric blue eyes always gave me a reason to watch any of his films. But this time, he's just playing a masonry-level supporting role.

However, even with the presence of two powerful acting schools, the problem of the script itself cannot be saved.
First of all, the plot jumps very fast, and the expression of Georgiana's character characteristics and her inner role transformation is not enough. Secondly, at the beginning of the film, the advocacy of free for fox and grey is vague and weak. the last but not the least, I have to say that kk's performance is a bit pale, and the aura has not reached the energy that a DUCHESS should have. It is not enough for the movie to support a few banquet scenes or noble costumes. BTW this time, I really don't like her style, especially the hairstyle, which is very shocking.

The feelings between women also run through the whole plot. The friendship between Bess Foster and G, from sympathy to hatred to compromise to mutual sympathy, these two women have gone through a long psychological journey. In the patriarchal society of the feudal aristocracy, women True love is a luxury, a woman's body is a weapon, and the emotion between a woman and a woman is a must. Of course, facing this kind of life requires perseverance.

I have to say, so far, I am a fan of KK. I have paid attention to almost every work of her, and I have liked her since Pride and Prejudice. Her temperament is very mixed, sometimes wild and uninhibited, sometimes ladylike and intellectual. In terms of absolute looks, she can't be considered a first-class beauty, but her beauty can make you remember. It's a pity that in this film, her backbone body with her chest and back makes me worry that she can't stand the British wind and humid weather and break down. Compared with BESS, she is obviously not as charming as Bess. If I were DUCH, I might prefer to see Feng Yun's figure.

The characteristic of BBC movies is that every picture is beautiful in tone, and every shot can become an oil painting.
In general, DUCHESS is not ugly, you can see pleasing British scenery and buildings, handsome guys and beauties, and gorgeous clothes, ok, give it four stars.

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