A woman's secret: Love is your weakness, power is your flaw.

Gia 2022-04-21 09:02:45

This is a movie that makes women depressed.
very depressed.
Although the script is too plain.

Feminism is a very delicate word.
It's not about rights, it's about women's rights.
The question is: where do women's rights come from and by what?

The answer is self-evident and sad.
The right depends on the affirmation and grant of the other party, and the weakness of the right, caters to its own state.
Another question is: Why can't women de facto define their rights?

The reason cannot be explained in detail. From a female perspective, maybe we are too obsessed with love and too indifferent to power.
Those who love and do not love fall into the abyss; those who love and cannot protect can only be forgotten in the rivers and lakes; and those who love children and young girls need to sacrifice themselves to accompany them all their lives. And love is not worth survival, let alone power.

If you want to be a victim, you can.
Many women work hard, or become strong women, or become a family of men.
However, not only is there almost no one who can play the above two roles at the same time, but more importantly: in our hearts, we only long for equal, sincere, and full gender exchanges.
Not a negotiation, not a deal, not a tool, not a pet.
This is the secret voice of a woman.

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  • Leonora 2022-04-24 07:01:15

    I can't wait to see Keira Knightley do a movie in modern clothes instead of just running around the UK grass in a huge dress~~~

  • Dwight 2022-03-29 09:01:04

    The only person in England who doesn't love a Duchess is the Duke. kk is very suitable for this kind of movie, old-fashioned England style, maybe she is not beautiful, but she seems to be tailor-made for that period. Georgiana's life was dominated by others. He married the duke according to his mother's wishes, and was destined to be the duke's heir. Her love for Gray was destined to be a lovely and unattainable relationship. She can only hide this feeling in her heart. give birth to them

The Duchess quotes

  • Speechmaker: When she arrives, all eyes are upon her. When absent, she is the subject of universal conversation. And what we see her wearing tonight, I look forward to seeing the rest of you wearing tomorrow!

  • Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: Of all the women in England, you had to throw yourself on her. I have never objected to any of your affairs. I have accepted whatever arrangement you have proposed. But this... I have one single thing of my own. Why couldn't you let me keep Elizabeth for myself? What kind of man are you? She is my sole comfort in our marriage. You have robbed me of my only friend. What is wrong with me?