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Jude 2022-04-22 07:01:39

"The Duchess" is a biographical film. I generally don't have high requirements for this type of film. Because of its biographical characteristics, it gives the film some external blessings and also limits the creative play. For this film, if only one word is used to evaluate it, I think "tidy" is more appropriate: the expression of characters is precise and rigorous; the progression of the plot is slightly detailed; the lighting art is reserved and solemn. Overall, apart from being a little boring, it is still a relatively comfortable movie. In addition, I personally prefer a less undulating movie rhythm, and I like Keira Knightley as the heroine. Perceptual evaluation Liked for the second level. In detail, I will summarize my three criteria for biographical films: comprehensive, prominent and attractive. These three points are indeed complementary to each other, and I will also make a detailed evaluation from these three aspects.

1. Comprehensive

Comprehensive refers to whether the character's characteristics are comprehensively displayed. For this film, yes, it is very comprehensive. Biographical films, in my understanding, are to bring a real character and his experiences to the big screen. The film itself does not evaluate the characters, but it can make the audience have the desire and evaluation of evaluation. Then, it is very important for the full presentation of the characters to avoid false or biased evaluations due to the fact that the audience gets too little material. This film mainly captures the period from the time when the protagonist Georgiana is about to get married and give birth to an illegitimate child. The selection at this stage is appropriate, and the legendary experience of this character is also in this time interval. In the expression of character traits, several main characteristics selected in this film also have corresponding characteristics as the material for dialectical evaluation: the heroine has a strong liberal spirit, but also has a conservative side from a feudal family; the heroine is very good at socializing , but does not know how to communicate with her husband; the heroine yearns for love, but also adheres to her responsibilities as a mother, and so on. The selection of these plots and characters can enable the audience to make a more accurate evaluation of them, instead of being narrow and one-sided.

2. Highlight

Prominence refers to the prominence of certain characteristics of a character. For this, I think this film has done it from the point of view of the completion of the film itself, because it has successfully added the special image of "a woman who is loved by everyone but not loved by her husband" by expressly adding The way of presentation strikes the audience's mind, which is what distinguishes this person from others. At the same time as this impression strikes, this contradictory quality can also make people naturally ask "why" and stimulate desire to explore.

But why did I add a premise "from the point of view of the completion of the film", because the emphasis on the outstanding characteristics of the characters is a very important task to attract the audience. And if the creators stand from the audience's point of view, they will know that the trait of "being alone and not loved by her husband" can indeed arouse the audience's interest, but it is not enough to arouse the audience's strong interest and even adrenaline surge. This is because the selection of this trait is not attractive enough for today's audiences, and it is not attractive enough. One is because the audience is often familiar with this trait in other literary and artistic works, and the other is because this trait is not new. Stereotyped and unreal. There is no other way to impress the audience with character traits than to understand the characters, dig them out, and show them. At this point, the portrayal of the character of the husband duke is obviously better.

3. Attract

Attraction refers to whether the movie has a strong attraction to the audience. This attraction is multi-faceted, including actors, pictures, storylines, etc. Of course, actor fame, gimmicks, etc. can also be counted. However, in the final analysis, the film does not seek to be perfect, and it can attract the audience where it does well. Among them, for me personally, the attractiveness of the characters and the attractiveness of the story are the most important. Some of the attractiveness of the characters in this film has been said before, so I won't repeat them here. And is the story chosen in this film attractive? The story itself is there, (but it is really not very attractive to me personally), and more of it is that the way the film is told is too serious and lacks interest, making the story less attractive. What is the most intriguing story? A broad gossip story. At least at the beginning of Georgiana's story, the attraction of its gossip was greater than the attraction of the character's own personality. If you want to deeply show a character or show the depth of a character, you don't have to use a solemn method, profound and serious. There are similar attribute colors, but they are not equal. And this film, in my opinion, uses the narration method of news broadcast to tell a gossip story. As soon as the ears of the gossip are pricked up, a pot of serious cold water is poured on the head, which will indeed be a bit of a disappointment. And the display of personality attraction is not so successful, so it is still a bit boring.

In the end, although the story and characters of this film are not very attractive, but the production is excellent, the acting is superb, and the heroine is quite charming, it is still worth watching.

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  • Colin 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    KK looks like a man, Ralph is not suitable for such a role. The plot is too thin, and it looks like a history of derailment of a deep-seated woman who has run rampant and finds no way out. Where is strong? Where is greatness?

  • Aidan 2022-03-24 09:02:26

    The opening of this friendship is really like a spring breeze but Nothing, can save this life of Misery.

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