Was Anna happy afterwards?

Violette 2022-04-22 07:01:39


Maybe what you see is that the Duke has love for Anna, but he is not good at expressing it. In my understanding, this kind of indifferent love would rather not exist.

When Gray rushed into the duke's house and yelled at Anna: "Marry me, give me a baby and take care of her boy or girl"! Tears broke out in an instant, two people who truly love each other, but cannot fight because of the times and rights.

Why do you have to say that the duke forgave Anna's betrayal, then why not say that it was himself who betrayed first, and that he and her best friend lived under the same roof, but could not accept Anna's Gray?

Everyone said the ending was happy, but I don't think so. The happiest time of Anna's life was with Gray, and she lost to fate in the end...

Seems like my understanding is a bit extreme [smiles]

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  • Era 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    Very satisfactory. I only picture the gorgeous British style TT...

  • Fernando 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    KeiraKnightly is ugly, scary, ugly and scum... Under the gorgeous suit, it looks more like a combination of a thin monkey and a turtle. Especially when the bird’s nest is on fire, it’s funny

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  • Speechmaker: When she arrives, all eyes are upon her. When absent, she is the subject of universal conversation. And what we see her wearing tonight, I look forward to seeing the rest of you wearing tomorrow!

  • Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: Of all the women in England, you had to throw yourself on her. I have never objected to any of your affairs. I have accepted whatever arrangement you have proposed. But this... I have one single thing of my own. Why couldn't you let me keep Elizabeth for myself? What kind of man are you? She is my sole comfort in our marriage. You have robbed me of my only friend. What is wrong with me?