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Georgiana was full of enthusiasm and married into the duke's mansion. She gave birth to two daughters in six years, and raised the eldest daughter of the duke and the maid. Because she failed to give birth to a son, she was separated from the duke. Sociable and well-mannered. The duke is domineering, gloomy and indifferent, romantic, and wants a son, even her only friends. The duke is not worthy of the lady.

"Give him an heir." Why? She is talented and beautiful. But everyone told her that having a son was the only way out.

"There is no limit for the child." The best friend has become the child's slave. A friend's betrayal is the deadliest. They used to be so good. "You don't have to aggravate yourself and please others." "I was raised like this since I was a child, and it's hard to think otherwise." "You do this to make others love you." The heroine of Mrs. True Daughter proposed an open marriage. The duke is a scumbag, but he does not allow his wife to have other feelings. "When I got married, I put forward two conditions, loyalty and having a son." "But I'm not your dog!" The moment he got the money after giving birth to his son, "Finally it worked." The deal was so cool. The young politicians are so handsome, and the best friends help. Helpless, the lady can't get rid of the scumbag, and she can't get rid of the burdensome child. "Rule precedes personal satisfaction." "I should say become a prisoner in my own home."

It's despicable, tying up a woman with a child.

The best friend is actually quite good, although she has an affair with the Duke.

"It would be great to have that freedom." I'm afraid the Duke would also feel helpless. Status, wealth, dignity, and face, he couldn't give up, he could only be harsh on women.

Madam has an extraordinary bearing, and she deserves to be a woman who has achieved great things. She made the best choice in the face of fate. Bury unforgettable true love and achieve your prestige, status, family, and children. The highest achievement of a woman at the time.

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