Can love and marriage really coexist?

Justus 2022-04-22 07:01:39

?The 22nd movie "The Duchess" The young and beautiful Georgiana married the Duke but did not get the ideal love and marriage. All the Duke needed was a son, but Georgia gave birth to two girls in a row. Because she was not pregnant with a son, she went to Paris to relax and meet Madame Elizabeth and became a close friend. But Elizabeth has an open affair with the Duke, and Georgiana collapses one after another, and begins to fall in love with Gray. Georgiana and the Duke confessed that their relationship with Gray was rejected. Georgiana returned to the Duke for the sake of the child. At this time, Gray's child had been broken. Georgiana went to the country to give birth in the company of Mrs. Elizabeth, gave the child to Gray, and made a new one. Back to socialite. ?"Some things came too early in my life and some things came too late"?"All men love her except the Duke" Only Gray gave Georgiana love, but not with Gray. It's hard to judge Georgiana's approach, after all, in her day, having a lover was a common phenomenon, and her behavior for love was brave enough.

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  • Branson 2022-03-30 09:01:05

    Biographical films have always been my love, but this film has no passion at all! It also failed miserably in styling. I don't see any praise for this duchess, she's just a woman who has completely compromised and compromised with her family!

  • Elsa 2022-03-29 09:01:04

    The script is basically copying Marie Antoinette, and Keira Knightley plays the same thing, and she is convinced.

The Duchess quotes

  • Speechmaker: When she arrives, all eyes are upon her. When absent, she is the subject of universal conversation. And what we see her wearing tonight, I look forward to seeing the rest of you wearing tomorrow!

  • Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: Of all the women in England, you had to throw yourself on her. I have never objected to any of your affairs. I have accepted whatever arrangement you have proposed. But this... I have one single thing of my own. Why couldn't you let me keep Elizabeth for myself? What kind of man are you? She is my sole comfort in our marriage. You have robbed me of my only friend. What is wrong with me?