Confused face hidden under Chinese clothes

Ulices 2022-04-23 07:02:57

This romantic film grafted on Chinese clothes is really a bit complicated and obsessed with the plot. Now that it's so foggy, I'll use modern times and the social background at that time to boldly guess some bridges.

? Georgiana was really angry when Duke William climbed into the bed of her only good friend Beth for the first time. When she angrily told the Duke that she wanted Beth to leave, the Duke refused. I think the Duke probably thought that Beth, who had already given birth to him three sons, could have an heir for him, and the Duke's desperation that Georgiana had been unsuccessful in having a son made him not want to pass up any chance.

When the Duke knew that Georgiana and Gray were hiding in the country and came to the villa with Joe's mother, Joe's mother said, "William also (loves you)". The Duke answered yes very quickly and without hesitation, but the expression on the next sentence I love you was intriguing. My understanding is that the hereditary status of the duke and his political marriages through the ages made him suspicious and even contemptuous of love. But the contradiction is that he also agrees that Georgiana's derailed love is real love. This may be a little unconscious expression of his admiration for Qiao Zhen's temperament.

?The next part of the duke threatens the heroine until he leaves the room angrily and rages at the servant uncontrollably. These few minutes of conflict is my favorite part, and I have watched it many times. I speculate that 50% of the Duke's retention is due to honor and decency, and 50% is that he does have some feelings for the heroine.

?The barrage keeps asking why Georgiana, Beth and Duke can live under the same roof for 23 years? The person I want to ask this question must have never seen the depression and despair of a couple who cannot divorce due to various reasons in reality and live together without love under one roof. At this time, there is a third person who neither of them hates living with them, in fact, they can take a breather.

?There is a scene where the duke is at a loss to reveal his heart to Georgiana in front of the sofa, and stands at the window watching the children running freely, lamenting how good freedom is. The group of shots that are pushed from the near to the far is also a portrayal of the heroine's psychology. In fact, if you look farther and recall, the young Joe has never really understood William, and his sensibility has been restrained under the pressure of the Duke's hereditary identity. Perverted. Just like when Joe heard the Duke say: Believe me, I really hate all this, when I hear it, it's like I didn't hear it, I don't understand it when I hear it, and I don't think about it because of the injury.

? As for Joe's death, Blessed Beth and Duke, let them get married. I think it's because Catholics are not allowed to get divorced. This does not mean that the Duke loves Bess deeply. The Duke's love is a mystery, but sex is indulgent. It's hard to say whether she loves Beth or not, and if she loves her, she wouldn't call her child a bastard. Georgiana's last blessing, I think, is also thanks to the Duke for keeping her only friend who was or has always been by her side. Although the life of the three is too strange, the pattern and balance of each person are indeed different.

? This is a complicated movie that requires experience or special experience to understand.

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  • Laverna 2022-03-30 09:01:05

    The color and makeup of the film are really like an oil painting. In such an era, rights are paramount, and women's demands are basically regarded as nothing, and how much pain does it take to maintain their status and glory? Although the Duchess can be considered to be daring to love and hate, she is ultimately no match for social pressure and kinship.

  • Wilfred 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    A typical European aristocratic marriage story, the beauty and sorrow of women in that era. "The only man in Britain who doesn't love her is her husband." "I love you the way I know." He loves her but doesn't understand her; he marries her, but he doesn't necessarily love her. Life, it turned out to be compromise and tolerance. And. I really like her, Keira Knigh

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  • Duke of Devonshire: I don't make deals. Why would I? I'm in charge of it all.

  • Charles Fox: Today we have won the vote. Tomorrow we define the future.