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Lowell 2022-04-23 07:02:57

This romantic film grafted on Chinese clothes is really a bit complicated and obsessed with the plot. Now that it's so foggy, I'll use modern times and the social background at that time to boldly guess some bridges.

This is really a complicated and confusing plot. I make a bold guess. When Georgiana was really angry for the first time and angrily told the Duke that she wanted Beth to leave, the Duke refused, I think he might have thought that Beth could have a son for him, and the Duke's despair over Georgiana's failure to have a son led him to I don't want to pass up any chance.

When the Duke came to the villa with Joe's mother when he found out that Georgiana and Gray were hiding in the country, Joe's mother said, "William is (and loves you)". The Duke answered yes very quickly without hesitation, but when he said the words "I love you", his expression was intriguing. My understanding is that the Duke's hereditary status makes him even contemptuous of love, that he does not believe in the lack of interest between people, and does not believe in genuine non-pragmatic, idealistic romantic love. The latter part of Duke William's threat to the heroine until the anger when he left the room angrily is my favorite part, and I have watched it many times. I speculate that 50% of the Duke's retention is due to honor and decency, and 50% is that he really has feelings for the heroine.

The barrage has been asking why Georgiana, Beth and the Duke can live under the same roof for 23 years? The person I want to ask this question must have never seen a couple who cannot divorce due to various reasons in reality, but do not love the couple living together under the same roof. Depression and despair. At this time, there is a third person who neither of them hates to live with them, which can actually give them a little breath. There is a scene where the Duke speaks to Georgiana in front of the sofa at a loss, and stands at the window watching the children running freely. The Duke sighs that freedom is so good, and that group of shots that move from near to far is also the psychology of the heroine In fact, if you look a little farther and recall, Georgiana has never really understood William, and her sensibility has been restrained under the helplessness of her hereditary status as a duke. Just like when Georgiana heard the Duke say believe me, and I really hated all this, it was like I didn't hear it, and I couldn't understand it because I was hurt and I didn't think about it.

As for Joe's death, he blessed Beth and the Duke to get married, I think it's because Catholics are not allowed to divorce. This does not mean that the Duke loves Bess deeply. The Duke's love is a mystery. It is hard to say whether he loves Bess or not. If he loves her, he will not call her child a bastard. But I believe there is still a hint of emotion for Georgiana. Georgiana's last blessing, I think, is also thanks to the Duke for keeping her only friend who was or has always been by her side.

This is a complicated movie that requires experience, or rather people with special experience to understand it.

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  • Patsy 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    For this kind of European court historical drama, the plot can basically be ignored. As long as the clothes are beautiful and the props are exquisite and gorgeous, it is a qualified film~ (By the way, Keira Knightley has no characters in the play. Temperament, not even classical temperament... I found the wrong actor)

  • Era 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    Very satisfactory. I only picture the gorgeous British style TT...

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