Stream of Consciousness Manufacturing Tips

Trever 2022-04-19 09:02:07

Blackboard drawing, flash black

"I have never felt so deeply, so far from the soul, and yet my being is so real." - Camus.


Black and white interviews, pseudo-records, shaking of interview footage

"Teachers believed that they could make a difference."

The main character's interview is not the same as the supporting characters, speaking more slowly and in color.

The soundtrack should have piano and electronic music.

Appears in childhood, the film is clearly different, the big halo

"I am money, and I was robbed by civilized people." [The narration should be hoarse enough to speak some metaphysical words. 】

"A wise man fell from the sky and cried aloud."

handheld photography

Conversation jump cut

The part of my grandfather was edited across time, cutting things from two periods together.

echoes, and fixed vocals on the radio

When the character leaves a wall, the original freeze frame becomes a push towards the wall.

"The park is empty, abandoned, and disgusting."

It seems to add the broken school to the beginning, that is, it is better to mention the beginning at the end, and then read Edgar Allan Poe and end it.

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Extended Reading
  • Daniella 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    4.5; On 2021-12-25, the score will be slightly reduced for rewatching. I still remember the pain in my heart when I watched it for the first time, and the sense of substitution is too strong. The soul hurts too much, so it regurgitates, it shrinks inwardly, it gradually shrinks and throws the world out, a self-preservation mechanism that scabs our blood and makes it soft. I must use up all my expressions and run away from the crowd; our hearts are castles, we would rather hide in the hole, every heart is so alienated and indifferent, everyone bears the edge of their own to cross; if I love you , I will leave you; if I forgive you, I will embrace death; I will not believe that all is well. Numerous close-ups are cramped, and countless flashback fragments are stitched together into a past that is unwilling to look back; the title of the film comes from Camus, and the end quotes Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher", the world becomes a wasteland, it is better to get lost sink into it.

  • Johanna 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    I come to school every day to see you spoil yourself. . Do you think you can be in a band and be a model? NO, in the end you'll just be fucked and thrown away. . . It was really exciting to say this from a teacher. Why did I just keep this in my heart and dare not say it directly to the students? . If you say that, you will automatically roll up the bed and leave. .

Detachment quotes

  • Henry Barthes: Y'know you can't... you can't keep living on the street...

    Erica: I'm not, I mean, I'm staying here with you.

    Henry Barthes: Well, you can't continue to stay here with me. I'm not good for you...

    Erica: That's not true. You're like, the only family I've ever had...

    Henry Barthes: Well, I can't be your family, I can't give you what you need. You have to understand, you should be...

    Erica: You're good and gentle, you're the most kind... I love you Henry. Don't let them take me, please nooooooooo, you're all I have, please don't let me go.

    [Social workers take her away still protesting]

  • Henry Barthes: I am money, I change hands like the dollar bill, that has been rubbed by a lamp; Then a genie appeared and cried loudly, with volume; But the tears were all for myself, and that's where it all went wrong