Duke, Anna, Bess

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Whether the Duke loves Anna or not, yes.

Whether the Duke loves Bess or not, he does.

These two kinds of love are different, let's discuss what kind of person a duke is first. Dukes are nobles, and there is no freedom and love in the education and concepts of nobles. Rights, responsibilities, and reputation are everything, so we can understand some of the principles of dukes.

His love for Anna is a responsibility. In the Duke's concept, a man should love his wife. He should do his due diligence to his wife. Once Anna completes his obligations, he will tolerate her to the greatest extent possible. , he will try to get close to Anna, try to understand each other, even if there is no love between men and women in the traditional sense, he will do his duty as a husband to love her.

Of course the duke's love of duty appears so indifferent. He thinks that his wife's duties are sons and loyalty, and his duties obviously do not include these two points. We can also see that the Duke cannot get all-round satisfaction in this marriage. His frequent derailment, sullenness all day long, lack of warm interaction, etc. are all star performance, and the appearance of Bass complements him as a star. Emotional and physical needs of men.

The Duke's love for Bess is very easy to understand. It is pure love between men and women. Bess' admiration and obedience make their relationship natural and comfortable. The sex between the two is pleasant and passionate. The former was chosen between "let her go" and "should send her away". This is a contest between personal feelings and responsibilities. The Duke chose the former for the first time, which also reflects the special meaning of Beth to him.

But would the Duke be happy if Anna left and fulfilled both of them? No, even after the birth of his son, the Duke would not be happy because Anna was gone. These two women, one is responsibility and reputation, the other is warmth and selfish desire. For most women, the latter is much more important, while for a man, a man influenced by traditional aristocratic concepts, the former is much more important.

He can live in a loveless marriage, and even without the presence of Beth, he can be unhappy for a lifetime, but he cannot abandon his identity and status and choose love, which is also the biggest difference between him and Anna.


Anna, who is also a nobleman, should have endured her husband's indifference and lover like thousands of women, and lived a prosperous life after giving birth to an heir.

She really did this in the early days. She didn't get angry because of her husband's derailment, but chose to endure it silently because she shared the same values ​​as the Duke, and she knew what she needed to give and what she could get in this marriage.

But I understand the reason, but I can't do it. She can't stand this life, she needs passion and love, can't live without them? Yes, can't live. She was willing to abandon these for Charles, and she made a choice that was different from that of the Duke. She could not need identity and status, and she could live as long as she loved.

She loved Charles from the bottom of her heart. She didn't love the Duke, but she understood him, and she understood his relationship with Bess. Maybe that's why they are blessed. After all, at that time, a man's obligation in marriage did not include loyalty, it was a woman's obligation.


Who does Beth love?

Duke? Anna?


After experiencing the trials of life, love is no longer important to her, her children are everything to her. She needed the Duke to help him get his child back, and she would do anything to please him, even if she didn't love him.

Whether her closeness to Anna at first was friendship or use, we can't actually guess. But it can be seen that she wants Anna to be happy, tell her the fun between the beds, guide her to pursue a happy life, and accompany her to the countryside to give birth to an illegitimate child. Some people say that this is all scheming. Beth wants to get rid of herself and become a duchess. Maybe this is the case in history, but from the point of view of the movie, it is more about friendship and guilt.

Her love was given to her three sons, so that she left too little for others to let us see no trace.

Anna and Charles are dreamers, they are willing to pursue an illusory but beautiful future, but Duke and Bess are practical, they only believe in what they can get.

It's clear who can fall in love with whom.

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