Those are about growth and change.

Annabelle 2022-04-20 09:01:45

Detachment. Gaumont Parnass.

It's a movie worth watching, every minute of the two hours. I'm not sure what words I can use to describe the feeling of watching or after the film, "good" and "wonderful" are too simplistic to describe the complex emotions or deep themes in them.

About those kids.

Those who rebelled, those who gave up on themselves. I can't help but wonder if their fates would have been different without Henry, or after Henry left. Meredith is a tragedy. The eyes and comments from all around, the inferiority complex that can't get out. Erica is lucky because she met Henry and because she is willing to change.

As for Sarah, if I remember correctly, the only emotional line here. She and Henry were never in the same world. She was a normal person without the dark side of psychology like him.

About grandfather.

Some of the hardest passages. The flashback clip, Henry's demon. Explained his mind clear. I remember what Jiaqin said, those souffrances when I was young, even when I was born, so-called not remembering, or not wanting to look back, or not wanting to remember, will subconsciously affect us and bring us pain. Only by confronting it can you be freed.

About change.

There will always be someone for whom we are willing to change, even if it is not what we want. There is a saying on Weibo, low self-esteem means that you can only see his excellence, but not your own. This is me. He is so good, I can only keep moving towards him, pay attention to what he pays attention to, but I have never been able to like it, and hide what I like, just because he says he is not doing the right thing.

After struggling for fifteen years, I finally had the courage to say to Him, please take away my love for him, I don't need this.

Erica is lucky because of the change Henry brought her, because of this positive change, and because she is happy with it.

At last. After watching the film, the sense of powerlessness is profound, but I deeply remember the last scene of Henry and Erica hugging in the sunset. I think the film also wants to give people hope.

In the end, classmate A Brody can't be so deep and vicissitudes of life and melancholy. oops.

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  • Julien 2021-12-18 08:01:09

    Tony Kaye has been filming for so many years, and the filming is still an independent fan who never looks back. All kinds of pseudo-records, interviews and plots are combined to bring the audience closer. The whole film is always filled with sadness and despair. Many men want to save a prostitute on the street. Brody's performance is a plus.

  • Emmanuelle 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Although it is good, it lacks representativeness, lacks the expected shock, and many truths are just clichés. The theme of "it's not your fault" and "tomorrow will be better" has not been tapped to a new level. PS, why does Adrien Brody always play such a "great" role.

Detachment quotes

  • Henry Barthes: Y'know it's funny, I spend a lot of time trying to not have to deal... to not really commit. I'm a substitute teacher, there's no real responsibility to teach. Your responsibility is to maintain order, make sure nobody kills anybody in your classroom, and then they get to their next period.

  • Mr. Wiatt: I was in my room for 2 hours and saw one parent. Where are they? Where is everybody? It's uncanny, no air raid sirens, not bombs. It doesn't happen that way. It starts with a whisper, and then nothing.