If the director is Chinese

Gussie 2022-04-20 09:01:45

If you switch to a Chinese director to make this film, you will see a very warm and touching film. The male teacher ignored the insults of the students and patiently explained to the students the story of being tall, rich and handsome. In the end, the black diaosi felt ashamed of the teacher's cultivation and became angry, and finally was admitted to Yale University. The teacher took the initiative to put on her own suits for the Chinese women who were not wearing underwear, and invited the parents after sending the female students home. Dare to scold the street on the teacher's paper, please parents. It's okay to abuse cats and play with human flesh. If you encounter a young prostitute on the street, call the police and send it to the juvenile detention center. The male protagonist's grandfather is going to die, so he can't go. He insists on educating students in school and never asks for leave. He will be rated as an advanced teacher in the next year. When a teacher died, no one should go up to express condolences and say how good he was, how perfect he was, let alone cursing. The big fat girl dared to bring a camera to school, and it was confiscated. As a teacher, how could Liu Yuling scold the students? She should teach her heartily. In the end, the female student gave up the fantasy of forming a band and became a model and was admitted to a famous university. After many years, she came to the school and returned her alma mater with flowers and investment. Thank you teacher Make her life colorful.
At the end of the film, it is not pointed out why Henry's mother committed suicide, why Henry's grandfather felt guilty about his daughter, and why Henry often cried alone. I think Henry himself knew the reason, and for this reason, I chose not to believe it, I believed that his grandfather was really old and confused.
I'm not American, I'm not ABC, I haven't even been to the United States, I don't know the American way of education, and I don't understand Edgar Allan Poe's poems, I just think what Henry said in the film "In order to resist all harmful information from the outside world. To be poisoned, we must first learn to read and establish our own beliefs, and these beliefs will achieve our own thoughts.” And all of this is something that the existing exam-oriented education cannot give us. You can ask any elementary school student, what do you want What, he would say, want to be a scientist, an astronaut, a teacher or a doctor. And when they grow up and go to sell vegetables, they realize that they think too much when they are young. Junior high school students want to go to a good high school, high school students want to get into a good university, and college students want to find a good job. On the contrary, I feel that American education is not without merit. At least students are like individuals, teachers are like individuals, and there is a natural relationship between people. For a so-called bad student, you can choose to let him sit in the last row. , you can also choose to isolate him from the class, but you can also choose to personally guide him to be a good person who will respect people, rather than letting him get lost in narcissism alone.
There are two kinds of chicken soup for the soul, one can warm the heart, bring you a little warmth and a little comfort; the other is poison, drink it, feel pain, just realize how wonderful what you had before.

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  • Orland 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    Life is full of setbacks and pain. The hero explores and observes his soul soberly and honestly. He is not corrupted by his own pain, and uses his wisdom to break free from limitations. There's so much drama in Adrien Brody's deep, melancholy eyes that the role seems tailor-made for him. The deep lines, the realism that hits the heart, there is no formalism in the film.

  • Keenan 2021-12-18 08:01:09

    Don't be misled by the title. This film is full of depression and heaviness everywhere. Everyone has nothing to do with themselves. Counting on the other to rescue his suffering is always only a moment, because he is still too busy to take care of himself. Even if you are merciful enough to take you in, one day you will leave. In short, just like the substitute teacher, this film only gave a hug, and did not try to solve any troubles of the characters or the audience in the film, but helpless people will be ruthlessly hit.

Detachment quotes

  • Henry Barthes: Y'know you can't... you can't keep living on the street...

    Erica: I'm not, I mean, I'm staying here with you.

    Henry Barthes: Well, you can't continue to stay here with me. I'm not good for you...

    Erica: That's not true. You're like, the only family I've ever had...

    Henry Barthes: Well, I can't be your family, I can't give you what you need. You have to understand, you should be...

    Erica: You're good and gentle, you're the most kind... I love you Henry. Don't let them take me, please nooooooooo, you're all I have, please don't let me go.

    [Social workers take her away still protesting]

  • Henry Barthes: I am money, I change hands like the dollar bill, that has been rubbed by a lamp; Then a genie appeared and cried loudly, with volume; But the tears were all for myself, and that's where it all went wrong