Everyone in the world has been captured in one way or another and thus lost their freedom.

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Everyone in the world has been captured in one way or another and thus lost their freedom.
This quote from Silito sums up the theme the film is trying to convey.
As the actor in the movie said, I am not a banknote, but I am like a crumpled paper currency, flowing in society.
The yoke of reality traps us all.

The girl who died last was rejected by her classmates because of her fatness and disheveled hair. She was scolded by her father many times because of too heavy photography subjects. At that time, there was a substitute teacher, that is, the male pig's feet. She understood everything he said. She thought he could understand her. He became the subject of her photography. One day, she gave him the photos she took for him. He is sad in the photo. She asked him, do you like me? What he said about liking was not what she understood, but the girl felt that his liking was like a life-saving straw caught when he was about to fall off the edge of a cliff. She hugged him excitedly, but the teacher wanted to push Open him, because a female teacher accidentally saw it, and the girl escaped as if she had been insulted. It also caused a misunderstanding by female teachers about him.

The girl finally made a poisonous biscuit for herself, and made a lot of them, but no one stopped to eat her biscuit, only he stopped, but chose the poisonous biscuit, because it was unique, in fact, it showed Like girls, he is lonely and does not like to communicate with others. The girl chose to kill herself because she felt that there was no hope for her life and that no one would guide her towards the light.
As for the male protagonist, there is often a picture in his mind like a movie that is always playing, and it keeps appearing in his mind, that is his mother, who leads him on the snow when he is young, and finally falls down. The mother who died at home did not know why his mother told him to close the door every night until he grew up. It turned out that his grandfather often sexually assaulted his mother at night. So when his mother committed suicide, his grandfather began to repent. Only after he died, he said to his grandfather, I forgive you. You can go in peace. His grandfather died peacefully.

The little girl who was beaten by the old man on the bus, since he met her, his icy world has become warm, because before that, he grew up alone, and he was indifferent to everything around him. Because the world has not treated him kindly. He cleaned her wounds and let her live, but he did not restrict her freedom. The little girl also cooked dinner for him and waited for him to go home. Although he said they were free and no one could restrict each other, when he came home after dating the female teacher and saw the table full of food, his heart felt warm. of. This man also walked into the little girl's heart, because he was the first person who cared about her and had no plans for her. They can rely on each other and trust each other like family members. At the end of the film, the male protagonist picks up the little girl, because he doesn't want the girl to grow up alone like him without anyone's help. He wants to help her understand the world and bear the weight of the world.

The principal is like a political party in power, no matter how grandiose ideals they once had, but once in power, they will become dictatorial and dogmatic.
The dean has dealt with so many bad things for the students, but he can't get a thank you from the students. People in this era are more and more lacking in gratitude. Their hearts are full of anger and hatred. Because there is almost no one to help them guide them to understand the complexities of the world in which they live. This leads them to be the factor that accelerates the complexity of the world.

I walked down the hallway to the church, how many of you have ever felt some kind of pressure on you?
It represents our own existence. We often ignore ourselves, from family, lover, friends or anything else in society may be burdening us, and we gradually lose the sense of our existence.

The picture ends at a lifeless, declining campus.

The male protagonist whispered, and on a long, dull, gray, and silent day in the autumn, with heavy clouds hanging low above the sky, I rode on my horse alone through this gloomy, exotic landscape. country land. Finally, as night fell slowly, the cold scenery of Usher's House unfolded before me. I had never seen it in the past, but just by the glimpse of it, some unbearable gloom permeated my heart. I looked at the sparse landscape around the mansion, the walls were barren, the decayed trees were white all over, and my soul was speechless. My heart was cooling, sinking, and sickly with weakness.

The world is close to being sick, crazy. And we can't see ourselves, the world.

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  • Josue 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    I insisted that this was the "motivational film" I needed.

  • Erika 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    I admire the almost perfect fusion of so many clues and perspectives, narratives, monologues, flashing memories, photo freeze-frames, and the interweaving of various colors, but I also dislike this apparently multi-angle but as if it came from a single person's voice, which is poetic on the surface. Many issues are avoided, such as the reduced substance of see, such as childhood. So what moved me was actually the background of this education, a weak compassion and ideal, and powerlessness.

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  • Henry Barthes: Y'know you can't... you can't keep living on the street...

    Erica: I'm not, I mean, I'm staying here with you.

    Henry Barthes: Well, you can't continue to stay here with me. I'm not good for you...

    Erica: That's not true. You're like, the only family I've ever had...

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