Screenshot of the classic lines of "Transcendence"

Tyrel 2022-04-23 07:02:26

"Transcendence" is a drama film released in the United States in April 2011, directed by Tony Kaye, starring Adrien Brody and Christina Hendricks.
The film tells the story of a lonely substitute teacher Henry Bacht who came to teach in a sloppy high school, and saw the beautiful life and human nature of the world in getting along with the students. This article shares screenshots of the classic lines of "Transcendence", the source of the movie screenshots: The classic lines of "Transcendence"

How important it is to guide and help others

We all take problems home at night and to work during the day

We must learn to read

I am money, I was robbed by civilized people

Some people think we can change the world

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  • Winona 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    It's too easy to pretend that you don't care, anyone can do it, but it takes courage to know that you care

  • Deja 2021-12-18 08:01:09

    This is a good movie that is not recommended to watch. Those who are not sick must be seen to be sick. There are two types of good works. One is to discover the beauty of the world, and the other is to dig into the world. This is the latter.

Detachment quotes

  • Henry Barthes: Y'know you can't... you can't keep living on the street...

    Erica: I'm not, I mean, I'm staying here with you.

    Henry Barthes: Well, you can't continue to stay here with me. I'm not good for you...

    Erica: That's not true. You're like, the only family I've ever had...

    Henry Barthes: Well, I can't be your family, I can't give you what you need. You have to understand, you should be...

    Erica: You're good and gentle, you're the most kind... I love you Henry. Don't let them take me, please nooooooooo, you're all I have, please don't let me go.

    [Social workers take her away still protesting]

  • Henry Barthes: I am money, I change hands like the dollar bill, that has been rubbed by a lamp; Then a genie appeared and cried loudly, with volume; But the tears were all for myself, and that's where it all went wrong