A rare solid thriller

Lacey 2022-04-19 09:02:03

Personally, I think this movie is a very solid, simple and excellent thriller. After the bizarre settings and the elements of metamorphosis are removed, the film's thrilling temperament can be expressed so prominently, so rhythmically, and such a tense film, which is really rare at present.

The film pays attention to details, and every detail laid out from the beginning is closely related to the theme of the film, whether it is the emphasis on education and respect at the beginning of the broadcast, or the unqualified behavior (and people) encountered by the hero and heroine at the beginning, and even It is the heroine's own profession that emphasizes the importance of education for a stable life. And the lack of education will lead to encounters such as those of the male and female protagonists.

Although the theme of the film seems to be painstaking, in fact, as an audience, I have no sympathy. After all, it is too far from that kind of weird world. What I think is more impressive is the horror itself. In this aspect of the film, through the characterization of the characters and the setting of the scene, the creation of the horror atmosphere has been well completed.

The demented temperament of half-aged children is well described. On the level of madness, all children behave differently. The horror of the film is closely related to the crazy, ignorant, stubborn and cruel temperament of these children. The film does not design any supernatural phenomena and creatures. To a certain extent, this group of children who ignore the rules and do everything they can, completely unaware of the consequences, act as the main villain of the film (but not the biggest villain)

The image of the child's head is one of the biggest highlights of this film. He is a pure bastard, and the film also gives a very complete description of the cruel, murderous and tyrannical character of the child's head through some details. How can a tyrannical father, an uncaring family, and an atmosphere that advocates violence produce good-hearted people? The image of the child's head fully reflects the excess of hormones, excess energy, and extreme brutality, selfishness and advocacy of violence in half-old children:

After being stimulated by the death of his beloved dog, he was like a wild boar, madly and desperately chasing the car that had been thrown away at full speed, and after the car broke down, he led his subordinates to frantically smash the glass and headlights of the car, and even smashed the glass and lights of the car. He also killed the Indian child he reported to, and the method of killing was to burn alive. Even the extremely aggressive local English accent added a terrifying and murderous temperament to this image. . . This kind of perseverance is really not like a normal person.

In addition to being brutal, he also has dark and scheming characteristics. In order to make everyone in the gang submit, he asked his accomplices to shoot a video as a certificate of mutual murder, and he also let each of his accomplices stab the male protagonist. He used verbal abuse, violence and threats to maintain the so-called "unity" of the gang.

And the other members of the Kid's Gang, although they were loyal subordinates of King Kid, they were not as cruel from the heart as King Kid. Therefore, when they actually killed the male protagonist and burned the corpse, most of them showed an unbearable expression, which also proved that they still retained a little conscience in their hearts. Dot. Their evil deeds, to a large extent, are still obedience to the child king, and this obedience is based on the threat of violence.

Asan child is a standard sad person must have something to hate. . . He's actually a much weaker, bullied underdog. And the bullying has made him involuntarily obey. But even if he contributes sincerity like a child's gang, he can't really integrate into it, or even completely escape the claws. In the end, he became an abandoned child and was burned alive. Moreover, the film does not show the parents of Asan's children. Does this prove that in the Western society at that time, people of this class were destined to be killed in this way and no one cared about it.

In the film, the children chasing the hero and heroine have twists and turns, which is very interesting. There is the kind of nervousness that sacrifices one's life, there is also the kind of careful suppression, there is the tragic parting of life and death, and there is the unexpected reversal. The expression of the whole film is very diverse, not a little bit boring, and the plot is very smooth. Although children are ordinary people, their coming and going has become a kind of existence similar to supernatural demons. They are cruel and bloodthirsty, they are everywhere, and they chase you to death. Through the specific environment setting and character characterization, the film perfectly combines the bear child with the sense of horror, and well depicts the twists and turns of the plot.

Basically, for most of the film, the male and female protagonists are in the position of being bullied. In the end, after the heroine rose up and killed the cute little brother and the ruthless little girl, the audience's mood had a bottom-out change. But the ingeniousness of the film is that instead of letting this counter-kill continue in a hearty manner, falling into the clichéd revenge mode of Killing Bill, it adopts a completely unexpected reversal, such as avoiding a pit and falling into a well, to reveal a more deep subject.

And through the final meaningless and powerless dying struggle of the heroine, the audience can also have a deeper understanding of this profound theme. I have to say that the final result of the heroine is too cruel.

In the end, the bully child Wang slowly disappeared after listening to the futile cry of the heroine, and put on his sunglasses calmly. The sunglasses are the spoils of his killing the male protagonist, representing his ferocity and his father's cover for ferocity. Amid this deformed cover, similar sins may be repeated in Lake Eden. And this kind of sin will be passed down from generation to generation. . .

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    As a tourist, I can only warn you that the Lake District in the UK is really nothing, just as boring as in the movies. You can only pull honey to sit on the ground to bask in the sun, and you may run into hooligans, so it's better to watch the next movie at home to relieve boredom.

  • Margot 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    Too good, too good, the director's handling and grasp of the atmosphere is really amazing.

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  • Steve: I promise, the quarry's fucking stunning.

    Jenny: The quarry is stunning. No 'fucking'.

    Steve: [getting closer to her] Please, miss.

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